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Trim and cut clips with a few simple clicks. Our online video trimmer has all the tools you need to effortlessly  trim video clips. Just go to podcastle.ai and give it a try!
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Online Video Cutter

Trim videos easily with a simple video editor.  Podcastle is an all-in-one tool where you can record, edit, and enhance your videos and audio projects. So if you’re looking for a fast video trimmer that also has other handy tools, then you’re in the right place!
Video Trimmer

How to Trim a Video Online

Ready to trim your video? Here are the three simple steps you need to follow when working with our video cropping tool.
Record your video
Go to Podcastle.ai and record your video with us.
Edit your video
Open our video trimming tool and trim your video as much as you like!
Export and share!
Export the final footage and share it with others!
Why use the Podcastle online video trimmer?

Quick and easy to use

With its user-friendly interface, Podcastle is intuitive and easy to use. You just need a few simple clicks to make your edit!

Trim audio

Trim audio as well as video

Want to work on audio projects as well as video? Podcastle is also designed for audio recording and editing. So try out our range of features.

Video Trimmer

Online & Free

With Podcastle you don’t need to download anything to your computer. Everything can be edited online at podcastle.ai. The best part of it is that creating an account is free!


More About Podcastle

  • Podcastle is an AI-powered, collaborative audio & video creation platform
  • We help professional and amateur podcasters create, edit and distribute production-quality podcasts effortlessly
  • Our mission is to democratize access to broadcast storytelling
  • We offer simple, end-to-end creation tools that are professional, yet fun

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to trim a video?
Definitely Podcastle! All you have to do with our video cropping tool is record your video at Podcastle.ai and edit it with only a couple of clicks using our online editor.
How do I cut out a part of a video for free?
Just select the part of the video you want to cut out and select the crop tool. After that you just need to trim the unwanted parts out, and export the final version.
Is my video file safe while using the video trimmer?
Absolutely! Podcastle keeps your video files private and secure so that you don’t need to worry about their safety.
What formats does the video trimmer support?
Answer 4
Can you remove things from a video?
Everyone has unique needs for their website, so there’s one way to know if Podcastle is right for you: try it!

We offer a free 14-day trial so you can explore our platform, begin building a site, and decide if you're ready to subscribe to Podcastle. If you're still not sure or if you need more time, you can extend it or start again later. Learn more about trials.

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