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Need to extract audio from videos like MP4 and MKVs? You can do it easily with Podcastle’s audio editing software.
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Audio Extraction from Videos

Have a video that you want to turn into an audio-only file? It can be done in a few clicks with Podcastle’s audio editor. Whether you’re turning a video into a podcast, need to grab specific sound clips or just want to fiddle with the audio track of the video, it’s easy to do with Podcastle.

Isolating the audio track doesn’t have to be a complicated process involving software installation and audio production knowledge. With the right tools, you simply upload your video, click convert and then get an audio track ready for download in the format of your choice.
Extract Audio from Video

How to Extract Audio from Video

Upload Your File
Upload the file you want to convert to your Podcastle workspace.
Check Your Audio
The video will automatically convert to an audio file.
Export Your Audio
Click ‘export’, select your file type and sound quality and download!

Converting Video to Audio in Podcastle

Free Audio Editor

Our basic plan includes unlimited audio editing for free so you can upload your files and edit without entering a credit card.

Click and Convert

Ditch the complicated settings and long, boring processing, with Podcastle it’s as simple as a few clicks to convert video to audio.

AI-powered Editing

Need to sweeten the soundtrack from a video? You can remove background noise and enhance quality with our paid AI features.

Best Audio Extraction Tool

What makes a great audio extraction tool? Simplicity. Reclaiming the audio track from a video should be incredibly simple and with Podcastle’s audio editor, it is! You also want to make sure that the quality of the file you get from the video is top notch and that’s exactly what you get from our software.

You’re in control of the quality and our AI-powered technology makes sure that you get studio-level sound every time. Give it a try and experience the simplest MP4 to audio extraction software out there.

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