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Convert MP3 to text with our online editor. It's fast, simple, and free.
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How to Transcribe MP3 to Text

Turn your audio to text within seconds using our online MP3 to text converter. Here's how it works:
Upload your MP3 file
Select the MP3 file you want to convert by clicking on Import File  or drag and drop it right into the dashboard.
Transcribe MP3 to text
Choose Transcribe by right-clicking on your audio track, and then select the number of different voices that are featured in your track. Our software transcribes your MP3 automatically. If necessary, you can edit your automatic transcription in our Text Editor.
Download your file
When done, download your MP3 transcript as a DOCX or PDF file by choosing Export  at the bottom of your Text Editor.

How to convert MP3 to text

MP3 to Text


Have your audio files uploaded, transcribed, and converted into text files in a snap.

MP3 to Text


Convert an MP3 to text online. We don’t want to take up any of your space, but ours is all yours.

MP3 to Text


Auto transcribe up to one hour of your audio for free or upgrade to our Storyteller plan and get 10 hours of monthly transcription time for just  $11.99.


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