One-Click Background Noise Removal

Our AI-powered noise removal tool will clean the audio on any video with a single click. Get rid of the noise, traffic and other disturbances and make your video sound as good as it looks.
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Background Noise Removal

How to Remove Background Noise from a Video

Capture the video that you want to clean.
Go to the Podcastle Video Editor and click on the AI assistant, select Magic Dust AI.
Choose which format you want to export in and download your file.

Reduce Background Noise in Video Content

Easy Background Noise Removal

With Magic Dust AI it’s as simple as clicking a button! No need for hours of editing or using complicated tools, our AI-powered noise remover can detect the noise and remove it automatically.

Remove All Kinds of Noise

Live near a busy road? Have noisy room-mates? Recording in bad weather? Whatever noise is spoiling your video, it can be fixed with our video background noise removal tool.

Make Professional-sounding videos

Background noise removal is ideal for work and school presentations, product demos and explainer videos where clean audio gives your content a more professional touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes background noise when filming?
Background noise can be caused by things like traffic, weather or appliances like fans and refrigerators, as well as electrical interference, microphone handling and echo from a room with poor acoustics. It can make your audio sound less professional or even make it hard to hear what is being said. Using an AI audio enhancer is an easy way to remove unwanted noise from your video’s audio track.
How do I remove unwanted background noise from a video?
It’s pretty simple when you use Podcastle, once you’ve recorded your video, you can use our video editing software to remove any background noise from the audio track with one click. Simply select the video, right click and apply the background noise removal tool.
How do I get rid of background noise when filming?
There are various technical steps you can take when filming to reduce noise, such as picking an appropriate location, using a directional microphone or adding soft furnishings to reduce echo. If outside, it’s more difficult to control the factors, but you can use a windscreen to reduce the noise. It’s not always possible to avoid picking up noise when recording audio, that’s why Podcastle offers our AI-powered background noise removal tool to help make your videos look and sound great.
Is there a way to remove background noise from audio?
You could manually process the audio, go through and remove specific noises, apply different filters, and change the balance, but that takes time and might not deliver the desired results. Luckily there’s an alternative which is AI-powered noise removal that can clean up an audio track in a matter of seconds. Simply choose the video you want to fix, apply Podcastle’s noise reducing tool and your audio will sound great!
How effective is background noise removal in improving overall video quality?
‍Background noise removal can significantly enhance the overall quality of your video by providing clear, crisp audio that enhances viewer engagement and comprehension. By eliminating distracting noises such as traffic, room ambiance, or microphone interference, your video content becomes more professional and polished.

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