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Forget memorizing scripts or stumbling over intros, use our in-built teleprompter to say what you want to say.
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Teleprompters for Podcasting

When you think of a teleprompter also known as an ‘autocue’, you probably think of a giant screen that gets wheeled around a television studio for politicians, newsreaders and game show hosts to read their lines from. But teleprompter tools are now accessible to anyone who can use a web browser. Podcastle’s audio and video recording studio has an in-built teleprompter that lets you add your script and read your intros, outros and other segments with conviction. You can set up a Podcastle account for free and try it out.
teleprompter for podcast

How to use the teleprompter

Enter the Studio
Enter your Podcastle studio and start a new recording session.
Paste Your Script
Click on ‘teleprompter’ in the toolbar at the bottom and insert your script.
Start Speaking
When ready click ‘teleprompter’ and record what you want to say.

Podcasting with Podcastle

Speak with Confidence

Speaking clearly and confidently helps create a good impression for the audience and makes you more confident as a host.

Reposition the Prompter

You can move the position of the teleprompter tool in the Podcastle recording studio to wherever is most convenient, simply drag and drop.

Control the Crawl Speed

Need to read a little faster or a little slower? With Podcastle you can also control the speed at which the words move so it feels comfortable.

Benefits of Teleprompters

A teleprompter offers several significant benefits, especially in broadcasting, public speaking, and content creation. One major advantage is the improvement in delivery, as it allows speakers to maintain eye contact with their audience. This enhances engagement and connection because the presenter appears more natural and confident by reading from a screen positioned near the camera lens.

This is particularly important for video podcasts, but is also useful for audio-only podcasts so that you don’t need a separate tool open to read from or have to rustle noisy pieces of paper by the microphone

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