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Create natural-sounding narration and character dialogue for your game with Podcastle’s suite of audio tools.
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AI Voices for Games

AI text-to-speech technology is a great way to generate audio content simply by entering text. No physical studio required, no actors, not even a microphone! AI voice technology puts you in control, allowing you to enter your scripts and create compelling in-game sounds and dialogue. Save time and money by making unlimited edits at no extra cost, tweaking and re-editing until you’re set.

Whether you’re building the next Baldur’s Gate or a mobile match game, adding voiceover, dialogue and effects can take your game to the next level.
How to Record Voiceovers

How to Record Voiceovers

Start Your Recording
Record your voiceover yourself or use AI text-to-speech.
Edit Your Audio
Use our audio editor to make changes easily.
Export Your Content
Simply go to ‘export’ and select your preferred audio file type.

Creating Video Game Voiceovers

Unlimited Audio

There’s no limit to recording audio on Podcastle, so you can keep going until you’re happy. Save your tracks in different projects and manage your content.

Stock Effects and Music

There’s a huge range of sound effects and background music in our free and paid plans, giving you the perfect starter pack for adding realism to your game.

Cloud Storage

You get 2GB of storage in the basic plan (that’s free), but if you want to store a large amount of files, you can upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited cloud storage.

Multiple Characters, Multiple Voices

If you do choose to use AI voices for your game, we have a wide range of different voices to choose from, including different genders and nationalities. Find the right voice for your games by trying out different dialogue with different voices. It doesn’t cost anything extra to switch voice and can be done in a matter of seconds for shorter clips.

Our easy-to-use Text Mode editor also lays out the transcript like a music score, so you can see the back and forth between different characters in scenes. Check it out for free to see how AI voices can help you develop your perfect game.

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