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Merging two audio files is ridiculously easy with Podcastle’s audio editor and with our basic plan, you can try it for free!
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Merge Two Audio Files

Got a whole bunch of audio recordings that you need to mix into one? Or maybe just two? Either way, it’s super simple to merge audio tracks using Podcastle. Whether you have a podcast, a voiceover, or a recording that you need to make notes from, it’s just a case of uploading the files and dragging them together in our intuitive editor. 

There are tons of different audio file formats out there, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC and others. The great thing about our audio editor is that it supports all of them! You can upload an MP3 and WAV and merge them or you can merge two MP3s together.
Merge Audio

How to Merge Audio Tracks

Select Your Files
Select the files you want to merge and upload them to your Podcastle workspace.
Merge Your Tracks
Drag or cut and paste the two tracks into the audio editor in the right order.
Export Your File
Select which file format you want to export in and download your merged file.

Merging MP3s in Podcastle

Free Audio Merging

You can try out audio editing for free with Podcastle’s Basic Plan that features unlimited audio recording and editing. Upload your files and merge, combine, edit and mix.

Edit in Just a Few Clicks

There’s nothing complicated about editing with Podcastle, you just need to upload your files, drag them into position and be done in a few clicks.

Merge Files in Your Browser

No need to download stuff to your PC, Mac or Phone, just visit the Podcastle website, go to your account and merge your audio tracks, with 2GB of free cloud storage.

AI-powered Audio Merging

The tricky thing about merging two different audio files is that sometimes the audio levels or quality levels might not quite be in sync. Sometimes they can be massively different. This is where AI-powered audio editing is a life saver. With Podcastle’s AI tools like Magic Dust you can automatically equalize the two different tracks and massively enhance the sound quality in a single click!

This means you end up with a single file that sounds consistent from start to finish. Sign up for one of our Premium Plans to get a taste of what AI can do for your audio merging and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I merge audio files?
To merge two audio files you need to employ some kind of audio editing software that allows you to upload different files like MP3s and WAVs and combine them before exporting to download. Podcastle offers all of this functionality in an easy-to-use browser-based tool that is free to try.
What is the highest quality of audio file?
The highest quality audio file is typically one that is in a lossless format, as these files preserve the original sound data without any compression that would degrade the quality. Examples of high-quality audio file formats include WAV, AIFF and FLAC, all of which are compatible with Podcastle.
What factors affect the quality of an audio file?
The quality of an audio file is influenced by several factors, starting with the bit rate, which determines how much data is processed per second of audio. Higher bit rates generally result in better sound quality. The sample rate, which measures how frequently the audio signal is sampled per second, also plays a crucial role; higher sample rates capture more detail in the audio. Bit depth is another key factor, as it affects the dynamic range and the resolution of the audio signal, with greater bit depths allowing for more accurate sound reproduction. The compression method used can significantly impact audio quality as well. Lossless compression formats preserve the original audio data, maintaining high quality, whereas lossy compression formats reduce file size by discarding some audio information, which can degrade quality.
How big are audio files?
Answer 4
Can I merge MP3 files on Windows 11?
You can merge MP3 files on Windows 11, but it will require some kind of audio editing software. You can either download and install some editing software like Audacity on your PC or you can use a browser-based editor like Podcastle. Tools like Podcastle offer a range of functionality and are easy-to-use and include storage space for your files.

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