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​​Looking for a free online video cropper? We got you! With our video cropper cutting videos is easy and quick. All you have to do is follow three simple steps.
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Crop Video

Crop a Video Easily with Podcastle

Want to know how to crop a video? Here are the three simple steps you need to follow:
Record Your Video
Once in, choose Create>Recording. Give a title to your project and start recording your video!
Crop Your Video for Free
When you’re done with the recording, click on the Edit Video button. It will forward you to our video editor where you can crop your video in seconds.
Save & Export
That’s pretty much it! Save your video and export it.
Why Choose Us?

Free sign-up

Creating a Podcastle account doesn’t require any payment, create an account and start cropping videos with us!

No downloads required

No downloads required

Podcastle works in your browser: you don’t have to download anything. Simply visit and start working!

Online Video Editing Software

Easy & Intuitive UI

You’ll struggle to find an easier to use online video editing software. It only takes a few clicks to cut and edit your videos with Podcastle.

Crop Videos for Social Media

Crop Videos for Social Media

Want to post your video on social media? Our video cropping software has a special tool for you—the aspect ratio changing function. Simply choose the aspect ratio you want your video to be in, and we’ll convert it for you!


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