Podcastle for Teams

The Complete Content
Studio for Teams

Podcastle is used by Marketing, Comms, and HR teams to quickly produce professional-quality audio and video content. Consolidate tasks in a shared online workspace with AI-powered tools for recording, editing, and publishing.
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Multiple drafts, minimal effort

Ditch the back-and-forth email chains and time-consuming file transfers and enjoy the power of real-time editing and feedback. Leave comments on work-in-progress projects and unleash the collective expertise of your team.

Stay in one place

A shared, easy-to-use workspace eliminates the need for multiple tools and messy communication. Streamline your workflow and save time by uniting your work, your team and your tools in one platform.

Pick your permissions

Carefully manage access to different projects to ensure the right people see the right content. Customize permissions to keep sensitive material hidden, while letting others contribute.

Ready To Work Together?

Podcastle for Teams

How it works:

Start collaborating in three simple steps:
Start a shared workspace
Log in to your Podcastle account and create a new shared workspace. Start a new project or move/duplicate existing projects & recordings to the workspace.
Invite your team
Add your team to a shared workspace or an individual project and define their role as Admin, Creator or Viewer. Viewer roles are unlimited, but the others will require additional subscriptions.
Create together
Record your content in the studio and then leave comments, make changes and edit your project as a team. Once you're ready, you can export your files or publish via our Hosting Hub.

Know Your Roles

Check out the different roles you can assign in Podcastle for Teams:
The Viewer can see projects and files and leave comments, but they can’t edit anything.
The Creator can view, comment on and edit all projects and files. They can also act as a host in recording sessions, export files, create AI voices and publish content.
An Admin has all the powers of a Creator, but can also invite people to a project or workspace and assign roles.
The Owner has the same powers as an Admin, but is also solely responsible for payments and deleting workspaces.

Team still growing?

If you need to add 10+ creators to your workspace, get in touch to speak to our sales team about custom enterprise packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

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