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The Definitive Podcast Creation Platform for Teams

Seamlessly collaborate with your teams to create high-quality audio & video projects with Podcastle. It doesn’t matter where your team is, you can all connect together on a web-based platform with remote recording and collaborative editing. Book a demo to get a custom plan for your team.

Local Recording Up To 4K

Looking for a perfect remote recording platform for your team? With Podcastle, you can record crystal clear audio and up to 4K video content with your team members from anywhere in the world. Podcastle offers local, multi-track recording so you don’t need to worry about unstable internet connection to get the highest quality output. Record up to 10 participants at a time, share your screen, and create custom branding for your content in the recording studio.

Seamless & Intuitive Editing

Podcastle is perfect for both recording and editing – combine your workflow into a single platform for seamless creation and post-production. With our digital workstation, editing and enhancing your content is insanely simple. Plus, you can add flair to your recordings with Podcastle’s royalty-free library of over 7,000 music tracks and sound effects.

Advanced Audio Processing

With AI-powered editing tools like Magic Dust, you can remove background noise and amplify your voice to make your content sound professional with a single click. Our Silence Removal automatically cuts out all of the long, awkward pauses from your tracks. With Filler Word Detection, you can say goodbye to all the “ums” and “you knows” by editing them out just like you would in a text document.

Video on Podcastle

Produce studio-quality interviews from anywhere

Automatic Transcriptions

All your audio & video recordings can be automatically transcribed with Podcastle, and the product will detect and separate each speaker. You can use our transcription text editor to edit your content just like a text doc, and Podcastle will automatically update the audio tracks correspondingly. Once you’re done editing, our AI can even generate a summary of your content based on the transcript!

AI-Generated Voices

Use any of Podcastle’s 20+ human voice skins to create audio content simply by typing or pasting text. Text-to-speech is a groundbreaking way to record voiceovers, intros, ad reads, or entire podcasts using the power of generative AI. With Revoice, Podcastle takes this a giant step further by allowing you to create a digital copy of your own voice, unveiling a limitless opportunity for content creation.

Remote Recording Mobile App

Podcasting and storytelling have never been easier. With the Podcastle iOS app, you can record and conduct remote audio & video interviews on the go. Connect with clients and teams wherever they are with your iPhone, and the content can be downloaded or synced right into your projects in Podcastle’s web platform. Find us on the App Store!



Remote Interviewing
Interview each guest with a separate audio track. Record locally uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio for every guest.
No need to spend 3-4 hours editing your recordings. Our editor makes it quick and easy to put an edit together in just a few clicks.
Sound Enhancement
Remove background noise, and make your podcast sound excellent and Sweeten your voice with just a one-click using our adaptive Al technology.
Al transcription with industry-leading accuracy so your listeners will always be able to find and enjoy your content

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