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Podcastle Makes Creating Podcasts Easy Thanks To AI Technology
Podcastle is a new platform that aims to make the creation of podcasts easier and more professional thanks to some nifty AI technology and a text-to-speech editing tool.
Podcastle, an all-in-one platform that covers off recording, production and publishing, is tapping into the booming creator economy.
It’s now raised $7 million in an early-stage funding round co-led by RTP Global and Point Nine Capital.
Podcastle Brings AI-powered Podcast Creation Platform for Masses
Podcastle provides an all-in-one online platform for podcast creation. Podcasters can use it to create, enhance and distribute their podcasts.
How to Make Text Into a Podcast
Podcastle is the AI-powered audio content creation platform, that enable creators to convert text into podcasts and create audio content from video, voice, and text.
Podcast Business Journal
Podcastle Democratizes Podcast Production, Bringing Advanced Audio Technology to the Masses
Podcastle offers a full suite of tools and features, with the goal of being a one-stop-shop to help people create and edit audio content faster and more easily.
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Podcastle Democratizes Podcast Production, Bringing Advanced Audio Technology to the Masses
The company’s goal is to democratize access to audio content tools and serve as a one-stop-shop web studio for professional-sounding audio editing.
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Podcastle Democratizes Podcast Production, Bringing Advanced Audio Technology to the Masses
Podcastle enables creators to convert text into podcasts in seconds; create new audio content from video, voice and text; and edit audio with high production quality.
Podcastle Pushes New Tools
Podcasting is definitely the audio flavor of the times. And to take advantage of that a podcasting services provider, Podcastle, has added to its audio tool chest.
Last year, I used Podcastle to convert articles to podcasts and listen to them while working.
The company’s long-term goal is to let people use the product to convert their posts to audio.
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17 Google Chrome Extensions for developers
Podcastle converts text news/articles to a podcast, with very natural human speech using machine learning.
13 Productivity Hacks TikTok Swears By
Podcastle AI is a Chrome extension that will turn all the articles you have to read into a podcast-style audio narrative.
Podcastle Raises $1.75 Million Seed Round to Create Next-Gen Podcast Platform.
After a successful launch four months ago and organic user growth in the U.S., Podcastle will be launching new podcast creation features.
AP News
Podcastle, a company developing podcast creation tools for amateur and professional podcasters
Podcastle is positioned to address the growing demand for high-quality podcasts by lowering the barrier.
Business Insider
Armenia-based company developing podcast creation and streaming tools
Podcastle raises $1.75M for podcast platform.
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7 Chrome Extensions Every Digital Marketer Should Know
It’s a great tool for me to create audio from articles that I don’t have time to read.
Una extensión de Chrome convierte las noticias escritas en podcasts
Para ocupar Podcastle se debe descargar la extensión.
Digital Trends ES
This Chrome extensions turns articles into audio playlists
The best feature of Podcastle is the ability to make a playlist. You can just queue articles and listen to them one by one.
The Next Web
This Browser Extension Uses AI to Narrate Articles With Natural-Sounding Speech
Podcastle wants to offer podcasters access to realistic-sounding narration.
Survey Finds Some Podcasts Are Ready-Made For Election Year Listeners
Podcastle conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans to understand how they’re consuming, engaging with and sharing political news and media in light of the 2024 election season.
Inside Radio
As Podcastle raises $13.5M, its founder credits AI-driven growth in Armenia’s ‘Mini-Silicon Valley’
Podcastle, a podcasting platform that has boosted its product with various generative AI-driven features, has raised $13.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Mosaic Ventures.
AI-Generated Santas Are Suddenly Everywhere
Podcastle, whose AI platform transforms inputted text into a variety of voices for podcasts and marketing videos, got into the holiday spirit with its own AI-enabled Santa voice.
Wall Street Journal
Generative AI removing background noise from recordings is just one of the new tools for podcasters
Podcastle, a full-service podcasting platform is joining the AI-powered content creation movement with a tool it calls Magic Dust AI.
AI voices are taking over the internet
AI systems are getting good at turning text into believable speech in almost any language and almost any voice.
The Verge
AI Can Clone Your Favorite Podcast Host’s Voice
In January, Podcastle, a startup that offers a suite of podcasting software, released an AI-powered voice cloning tool called Revoice that can create a digital simulacrum of a human host.
How AI And The Cloud Are Erasing The Borders In Making Movies And TV Shows
Podcastle can create a digital version of your voice, then have it read text-based scripts, without needing more editing.
Creator Startups Prep Generative AI Features
Podcastle, a startup that provides audio recording and editing tools for podcasting, announced a new feature last month called Revoice.
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