10 Best Free Audio Recording and Editing Software

When looking for audio recording and editing software, it's important to understand that there is no perfect software for everyone. It depends on what you want to do with it. Whether you are a professional podcaster or just starting your podcast, you can use these 10 free audio recording and editing software programs to make audios that your audience will listen to.


Podcastle is the free podcast creation platform that has it all! From HD sound recording to AI-powered editing tools, this software is your best friend no matter what you need to do with your audio. Trim, compress and sweeten your voice, remove unnecessary noise and pauses — all in a few clicks. Podcastle also provides a library of royalty-free tunes and sound effects in case you want to spice up your content. And in case solo isn’t your thing, you can use both the web platform and the iOS app to record remote multitrack interviews and get a separate recording for each of your guests. Sounds like the audio content creation platform that you were looking for, doesn’t it?


GarageBand is a fantastic free audio recording and editing software for Mac OS users. It's easy to use whether you make music or record a podcast. You can easily go straight away and drag in any audio you want to edit two different tracks. You can easily put on a compressor, record voiceovers mix in a multitrack style view and it's even got bars and beats included if you want to do cool stuff with your audio and start making music. It has a nice metronome feature, plenty of different preset sounds and libraries that you can use and an intuitive Apple-style help throughout the app.  


LMMS is totally open-source, free audio recording and editing software compatible Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is the right option if you want to dabble with music creation. LMMS enables you to make music at the click of a button. You can just start creating your own beats and bass lines, you can choose from different plugins and different effects and you can really go nuts here with different sample tracks. It's like a lite version of Logic Pro, Ableton, or Fruity Loops.

VideoProc Vlogger

VideoProc Vlogger is a fully-fledged audio editing and recording software that wins the heart of users worldwide, be it podcasters, content creators, or beginners. It is totally free without any restrictions. With an unlimited number of tracks and handy editing tools, it's easy to mix audio tracks, cut, split clips, adjust volumes and apply fade effects. There are an intelligent audio analyzer, a 10-band graphic equalizer, and sound effects packed in the dedicated audio editor panel to streamline your workflow. For instance, the silence detection feature helps you automatically spot unintended pauses to delete, and 1-click voice changer effects, audio FX, and EQ presets can save your time too. VideoProc Vlogger is also a free video editing software to create music videos, slideshows, vlogs, home videos, and any content that you love.


Audacity is free and super user-friendly software with a huge open-source community around it. It has the ability to playback audio and edit audio, turning volumes up and down, making all kinds of edits to your audio, deleting things and generally, it's good for editing waveforms, podcasts and other pieces of audio. You can drag in multiple files and create a mix of files in a multitrack style display, plus you can select your audio input and output from the interface. Natively Audacity supports Wav, AIFF, FLAC, mp2, mp3 or Ogg Vorbis files, but you can add more libraries or more file types. Audacity is one of the most intuitive free audio editing software packages out there.


This free software can be used for editing, processing and recording. You can record and export your audio as WAV or mp3 files. Wavosaur has all the features you need to edit your audio. You can produce music loops by arranging and pasting sounds together. It can also quickly analyze your audio and batch convert audio. Wavosaur also supports VST plugins, Asio drivers, multichannel WAV files and real-time effect processing which can make this a decent choice for mastering and sound design. The program has bo installer and doesn't write in the registry. So you can carry this around easily on a USB Drive for editing on the go.

Wavepad Audio Editor

You can record or edit your music, voice or any other audio with Wavepad Audio Editor. Editing features include cutting, copying and pasting, and adding effects like echo amplification and noise reduction. Wavepad audio editor works as a WAV or MP3 editor. It also supports a number of other file formats, including vox, gsm, real audio, au, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg and many more.


It's a fast and very functional audio recording and editing software. Ocenaudio can do all of the typical audio recording and editing, plus it includes some native effects and support for VST effects so that you can add a lot more to your library. Both the native and VST effects can be previewed in real-time to listen while you edit the controls on your effects which makes it a lot easier to get the desired sound. Ocenaudio uses an advanced memory management system, so if you're editing very long files, it won't eat up all of your available memory, so editing functions will still be quick. Another cool feature of Ocenaudio is the spectrogram that allows you to analyze the spectral content of your audio very clearly.      


With Audiodope audio recording and editing software, you can import and export many different file types, including all of the traditional ones like WAV, mp3, FLAC, but it also records with other less-common files too. You can also edit part or the whole audio file with functions like cut, copy and paste, insert, or delete. You can modify any part of the stream by applying audio effects and synthesized sound files. It also has some native effects processes and VST support to add more. Some of the more exciting features include frequency analyzer, tone generator, noise generator and text-to-speech.

Ardour 6

Ardour 6 is open source, which means you can take the source code and compile it yourself. It has a lot of effects that you can mess around with. The source code version basically gives everything you need to do a full production. Ardour 6 works with any audio engine, like JACK, ASIO, ALSA, or Core Audio. It also has awesome ripple edits and comes with top-of-the-line MIDI editing capabilities.


This is a browser-based online audio editor. The interface is user-friendly and easy to learn. Hya-Wave doesn't support multi-tracking, but you can copy and paste, clear, cut and crop your audio files. You can load and save your files in the cloud, apply live effects. You can also drag and drop files on tracks or record new audio with the record button. This tool is ideal for you if you are recording or editing on the go and don't want to install large software on your laptop.


This is another excellent online web application for editing audio files. It's free and easy to use. TwistedWave also doesn't support multitrack, but it makes up for this with usability and features. It's easy to normalize your audio, and the effects also are easy to apply. If you delete a section of your audio, the rest will move back so not to have any gaps in it. To remove noise you need to 'mute' or 'silence' the section with noise. To wrap it up, there are plenty of audio recording and editing software programs out there. Make sure to find something that resonates with how you work and something that you can learn really efficiently because, at the end of the day, you want to get the quality you need.

We Edit Podcasts

We Edit Podcasts is a female-founded podcast production company focused on helping you podcast. Whether you’re looking for audio editing, video editing, transcription services, show notes writing, or assistance with your podcast launch, their professional team brings years of experience to the table to deliver what you need. They offer Subscription Packages for clients with consistent release schedules, and there are Credit Package options for the seasonal or less frequent podcaster. You can also use their Price Estimator tool to custom-build a package that meets your needs. So if you’re looking to outsource your episode editing or other podcast production processes, look no further than the team at We Edit Podcasts.

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