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Improve learning through formats that students love

The easiest way to create and edit lectures, podcasts, guest speaker talks, interviews, tutorials, presentations, or any other type of educational content.

Why Educators
Love Podcastle

Simple integration of multimedia into the classroom
Get incredible sound & video quality, an intuitive user experience, and 1-click audio enhancement tools to aid learning and keep students engaged.
Turn text lectures into audio
With just a few clicks, convert text to speech with our ultra-realistic voice skins, powered by the latest AI technology.


Record in studio quality audio & video, along with screen sharing capabilities to illuminate your lessons
Text to Speech
Natural voice skins that supplement classroom learning
No need to spend countless hours editing content. Our Editor makes it quick and easy to sound flawless in just a few clicks, with the help of our AI toolkit
Industry-leading AI transcription with high accuracy, making your content easily discoverable and accessible for your audience.

Trusted by creators & educators all over the world

“Podcastle can help you with all of that. I love that it’s an all-in-one editing and recording studio that allows you to edit a podcast in less than 10 minutes and enhance audio with one button. A great tool for independent creators and educators who don’t have a big budget nor a lot of time.” - Fei W, G2 review

“It’s intuitive with great capacity. Podcastle is intuitive enough that someone without a lot of editing experience can quickly pick this up and do it themselves. This has been the solution for me which has allowed me to create better content.” - Ric G, G2 review
“I use Podcastle to put my lecture notes into podcast format. From there, I can listen back to my notes in the car while I drive, do chores, or go for a jog. I find it helps me actually engage with the content I'm listening to so that I retain more of what I'm going over when I listen. Unlike others, Podcastle built a tool that feels easy, sounds natural, and just works. I love it.” - Ryan R, G2 review

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