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Loop audio using MP3, WAV, AAC and other file formats with Podcastle’s audio editing software, get unlimited recording and editing.
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AI Audio Looper

Looping audio is a simple job with Podcastle. Once you’ve uploaded your file you can copy and paste until your heart’s content, looping audio for as long as you need. Our AI-powered features also make it easy to enhance the quality of your audio to make sure it’s as seamless as possible. 

Our drag and drop fade-in and fade-out features make it easy to blend audio files together and create a perfect audio loop. Upload your files now to see how easy our AI software is to use.
Loop Audio Files

How to Loop Audio Files

Upload Your File
Upload the file you want to loop to your workspace.
Loop Your Audio
Right click on the file and select ‘duplicate’ or hit CTRL+D.
Export Your Audio
Once you’re done looping, just export your track in your chosen format.

How to Loop Audio in Podcastle

Unlimited Audio Editing

Our basic plan includes unlimited audio editing so you can upload your files and edit without a long-term commitment.

Studio Quality Sound

Our audio editing tool works in the background to make sure your audio is as clean and crisp as possible, giving you the best sound.

Online Audio Looper

No need to install apps or download software, just create a free account, upload your audio and you are good to go.

MP3 Audio Looper

MP3 files were a game-changer when they first came to prominence in the early 2000s. Providing high quality with compression that made the files usable without huge storage and super-fast internet. They are still popular today and give users an easy way to edit music, podcasts and other audio content.

Looping MP3s and other audio files is easy with the right software, right-click and duplicate the file as many times as you need, whether it’s 5 mins or 5 hours. Try Podcastle’s audio editor to get all of your MP3 editing done in the blink of an eye.

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