Enhance Videos with AI

If you want to take your video quality to the next level, Podcastle’s AI Video Enhance is an easy way to upscale your video content with the click of a button.
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See AI Video Upscaling in Action

AI Video Enhance

How to Use Our AI Video Enhance Tool

Capture the video that you need for your project.
In the Podcastle Video Editor, click the AI Assistant and choose AI Video Enhance.
Choose which format you want to export in and download your file.

How AI Upscaling Improves Your Videos

Enhance in Seconds

Using AI you can improve the quality of your videos in a matter of seconds or just minutes for longer videos. No need to spend hours waiting for software to process, get your video ready to go.

Get the Professional Touch

Whether you're making a video for work, school or for your content channel, you want to give a good impression. Upscaling the video can give it a more premium feel, impressing your audience.

Make Guests Look Great

Even if your video is on point, if you’re interviewing a guest for your podcast or video channel, they might need a little help. Video upscaling with AI can help make sure the whole video looks good.

What We Do

More About Podcastle

  • Podcastle is an AI-powered, collaborative audio & video creation platform
  • We help professional and amateur podcasters create, edit and distribute production-quality podcasts effortlessly
  • Our mission is to democratize access to broadcast storytelling
  • We offer simple, end-to-end creation tools that are professional, yet fun

Frequently Asked Questions

Do AI video upscalers work?
AI video upscalers can significantly improve the quality of your videos, by reducing blurriness, removing artifacts and giving it a crisper, cleaner feel. Try out the Podcastle AI Video Enhance tool and see for yourself.
How Can I Fix a Blurry Video?
Fixing blurry raw footage is now possible with AI video tools like AI Video Enhance from Podcastle. The AI will analyze the video and apply its technology to the file, leaving you with a crisper, higher quality video.
Can you use AI to increase video quality?
You can! AI is highly effective at increasing video quality. By analyzing the video and understanding what the image is supposed to show it can transform videos into the best possible version.
What is the best AI video editing tool?
Podcastle’s AI Video Enhance tool is effective and simple to use and comes as part of our Storyteller and Pro packages. Record and edit audio and video, use AI tools to enhance the quality of your content and use AI Voices to add any additional content you need.
Can AI Video Enhancers improve the audio quality of my videos as well?
Yes, some AI Video Enhancers, including Podcastle's tool, offer audio enhancement features alongside video upscaling.

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