Edit Audio Like Editing Text

Podcastle’s Text Mode lets you edit your multi-track audio files directly from the transcript, bringing unmatched speed and simplicity to audio editing projects.
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Spend Less Time Editing

Text-based editing means not having to listen to the same clip over and over looking for a specific part. Simply search or browse for the parts you want to edit and your track will then automatically sync. It’s that simple.

Clean Up with a Click

The intuitive search function automatically highlights those awkward silences and ‘umms and ahhs’ so you don’t have to remove them manually. Clear out filler words and long pauses all at once or remove other repeated words and phrases with a click.

Add Content with AI

It’s super easy to switch between waveform audio and Text Mode editing, meaning you can also easily insert new content using AI Voices or Revoice features. Missed something important but don’t want to record again? Simply add it using text-to-speech.

How to Edit with Text Mode

Select Your Audio
Upload the audio file you want to edit into your workspace or record something new in the Recording Studio.
Enter Text Mode
Toggle between audio-only and Text Mode, using the search bar to find parts you want to remove. Use AI Voices and Revoice to add new content.
Polish and Publish
Use other AI features like Magic Dust to make your audio sound amazing and then export or publish your finished project.

About Text-based Editing

Editing audio can be a lengthy process without a visual aide. It often means listening through long stretches of content to find a particular section or listening to clips over and over again to check that the edits work. That’s where the use of speech-to-text technology completely transforms how you edit audio content. Combining a transcript with the ability to search and highlight different words or phrases means you can edit out mistakes, silences and unnecessary content in a matter of seconds, not hours. This frees up time to spend on more creative editing, like adding music, new clips, sound effects and changing the pace and flow of your content.Multi-track editing also means that if you’re recording multiple sources of audio, e.g. a podcast with multiple guests, you can edit each one individually rather than worrying about overlapping audio.


More About Podcastle

  • Podcastle is an AI-powered, collaborative audio & video creation platform
  • We help professional and amateur podcasters create, edit and distribute production-quality podcasts effortlessly
  • Our mission is to democratize access to broadcast storytelling
  • We offer simple, end-to-end creation tools that are professional, yet fun

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Edit Audio Quickly?
Audio editing can be a lengthy process, but using Podcastle’s Text Mode makes it so much easier. Your audio content will be transcribed which means you can edit directly from the text rather than listening to all of the audio. The search function makes it easy to find parts you want to chop out, like long silences or parts where you mis-speak. This takes a lot of the pain out of editing, making it faster and easier to get your final project ready.
How Can I Transcribe An Audio File to Text?
Transcribing an audio file is super easy with Podcastle’s speech-to-text feature. Simply upload the audio file you want to transcribe and our software will automatically turn it into a text file, which you can then use to create written summaries, blog posts and more. You can also edit the original audio file by updating the transcript!
What is text-based editing?
Text-based editing for audio or video is the use of a transcript of that recording to make changes to the media file. Deleting words from the transcript will also delete that section from the recording. Depending on the software it’s also possible to add content in. If you have access to generative AI features like Podcastle’s Revoice, which creates a realistic clone of your own voice, you can change or add content without saying a word.
What is a multi-track audio editor?
A multi-track audio editor is a software application designed for recording, editing, and mixing multiple audio tracks simultaneously. It allows users to work with various audio sources, manipulate them independently, and combine them into a single cohesive project. Podcastle’s Recording Studio captures each contributor’s audio as an individual track during a recording session, meaning you can edit each source separately if necessary. So if one person has background noise or issues, it won’t affect the overall sound.
What’s the best audio editing app for PC?
Choosing the best audio editing app depends on your specific needs and budget. For those just starting out Podcastle offers a free tier that includes unlimited audio recording and editing, with paid AI features like Magic Dust for AI audio enhancement and Revoice for voice cloning also available. Podcastle editing also includes Text Mode which allows you to easily edit your audio directly from the transcript. Podcastle is web-based so can be used in the browser rather than needing to be installed on your PC, making it more flexible and with automatic software updates.

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