How to Create Voiceovers for Ads with AI

In the world of advertising, every second counts. With our attention span getting shorter and shorter each year, businesses have only a couple of seconds to successfully make an impression. That's why having a good voiceover will maximize your chances of conveying your ad's core message better and quicker.

A compelling voiceover can make all the difference in driving engagement, but for many businesses, achieving quality often means spending a considerable amount on hiring a voice-over actor or investing hours in recording audio themselves.

We’re here to tell you, there’s a cheaper, easier and overall more efficient way to get your voiceovers done, and here’s all you need to know about it!

Why Use Voiceovers for Your Ad?

Enhanced Memorability
Studies consistently show that ads with voice-overs are more memorable than those without. The auditory element reinforces the message, making it stick in the minds of viewers. Another thing is that voiceover allows complex information or concepts to be communicated more clearly. A quality voiceover can articulate your message with clarity, ensuring that your audience understands your key points.

Narrative Power
At our core, humans are all story-lovers. A captivating story can draw people into your ad and keep them interested. With voiceover, it's like having a storyteller guiding viewers through the whole tale, from beginning to end. This keeps everyone engaged and makes your message even more memorable.

Increased Credibility and Persuasion
Voice-overs lend credibility to your message and can persuade viewers to take action. When professionally executed, they can significantly boost the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Understanding AI Voiceovers and TTS Technology

Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology is an AI-powered innovation that converts written text into natural-sounding speech. It utilizes advanced algorithms and linguistic processing techniques to analyze and interpret written content, generating spoken words with remarkable accuracy and fluency. By synthesizing human-like speech patterns, including intonation, rhythm, and emphasis, TTS technology replicates the nuances of natural speech, delivering an authentic audio experience.

Voiceover can be used in a range of ways, from creating voiceovers for the advertisements to producing longer audiobooks. As AI continues to evolve, TTS technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with AI voices being virtually indistinguishable from human speakers. This makes TTS a powerful tool for quick and quality content creation.

How to Create Voiceovers for Ads with Podcastle

Creating voiceovers for your project is easy with Podcastle. It offers a range of AI voices to choose from: female and male voices, different accents and even fictional characters during special seasons.

To create your voiceover you just need to follow these simple steps:

1) Sign into your Podcastle account
If you don’t have a Podcastle account, you can create it with just a click using your Google, Apple or Facebook account.

2) Add your Voiceover script
From your Podcastle account, select Create>Project and then choose the Convert Text to Speech option.

3) Select the AI Voice
Customize your voiceover by selecting from female and male voices, as well as a diverse range of accents, to best suit your company's brand voice.

4) Export and enjoy!
Export the final audio file with your desired format and that’s it! You can now add your voiceover to your advertisement and start attracting new customers to your business.

Exploring Podcastle’s Revoice Feature

If you want your voiceover to sound like you, but you don’t want to spend hours recording yourself in an overpriced studio, you should give Podcastle’s AI Voice Cloning feature a try. It uses AI technology to create a digital copy of your voice which you can later use to quickly convert any script into an audio that sounds just like you.

You’ll only need to read 70 sentences and let Podcastle’s AI do the work. The good part is that these sentences can be broken down into multiple recording sessions as your progress will be auto-saved.

It will usually take 24 hours for Podcastle to process your recordings and do its magic. Once your digital voice clone is ready you can find it in the “My Voices” section of your account.

Why Choose AI Voices Over Other Options?

Cost-Effectiveness: AI voices offer a budget-friendly alternative that doesn't compromise on quality. You can say goodbye to hefty voice actor fees or studio rental costs. With a one-time investment in the right AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) platform, you can create unlimited voiceovers without breaking the bank.

Time-Efficiency: AI voices allow you to bypass the lengthy process of auditioning voice actors or spending hours in the recording booth. Generating a voiceover is as simple as typing out your script and letting the AI do the rest, saving you valuable time that can be allocated to other aspects of your marketing strategy.

Versatility and Customization: AI voices come in a variety of styles, accents, and languages, allowing you to tailor your voiceover to suit your brand and target audience. Whether you need a professional narrator, a friendly spokesperson, or a quirky character voice, there's an AI voice for every occasion.

Consistency: Maintaining a consistent brand voice across all your marketing channels is key to building brand recognition and trust. AI voices provide a level of consistency that can be challenging to achieve with multiple voice actors or DIY recordings. With AI, you can ensure that every voiceover aligns seamlessly with your brand identity, regardless of who's listening.

Accessibility: AI voices make it easy to create voiceovers in multiple languages and accents, breaking down language barriers and reaching new audiences with ease.

Whether you're looking to enhance memorability, narrative power, or credibility in your ads through voiceovers, AI-powered solutions empower you to do so effortlessly. Create voiceovers quickly with Podcastle, discovering the difference they can make in capturing your audience's attention and driving results.

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