Best Teleprompter Software

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your live performance, speak with confidence and deliver polish presentations, then you definitely should try a teleprompter software this year. In this blog post, we'll explore the six best teleprompter software that cater to different needs.

Whether you're a vlogger seeking a friendly digital assistant or a presenter looking for a sleek, user-friendly teleprompter, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the features, functionalities, and unique offerings of these teleprompter software options, helping you find the perfect fit for you.

1) Podcastle

Podcastle opens our list of the best teleprompter software for two reasons: ease-of-use and affordability. It is one of the simplest and most efficient teleprompter tools you can find online, which only requires a couple of simple steps to get started. It also offers 4K multitrack video recording, an intuitive video editor, cinematic blur feature, instant highlighting tool, and a bunch of AI-powered features to take your content to the next level. We forgot the most important part: you can try it for free!

To locate Podcastle’s Teleprompter software, follow these steps:

3 Steps to Use Podcastle’s Teleprompter

1) Start a new video recording
Once signed in to Podcastle, go to the Recording Studio or choose Create>Recording. Opt for the Video recording option and click Next.

2) Click on the Teleprompter Icon
Once you start your video recording, you can locate the teleprompter feature on the bottom right corner of your screen.

3) Paste your script and record!
Once you click on the icon, you’ll see a place where you can either write your speech notes or paste your already written script.

That’s it. From here you can go on recording your video, while having your visual clues right in front of you. Nobody will see or know that you were looking at your text!

2) Video Teleprompter Lite

For those looking for a teleprompter app they can use on their phone, we suggest trying Video Teleprompter Lite. It stands out as an excellent tool for creating diverse types of presentations like video resumes, product explainers, and vlogs. It's perfect for those who need to maintain eye contact with the camera while reading their scripts. The app supports script imports from iCloud and other sources, offering features like unlimited script inputs, a countdown timer, camera switching, autofocus, and more.

3) BigVu

Another great teleprompting app which is definitely worth giving a shot is BigVu. With more than 6 million video creators using it worldwide, Bigvu promises to bring exceptional experience and help you create videos for your social media, educational platform or content marketing campaigns easier. It allows you to change the speed of scrolling, switch between your front and rear camera, and more. BigVu has a free plan, but also offers premium packages.

4) PromptSmart

PromptSmart is one of the best teleprompter software for Mac. It offers two versions on the App Store: PromptSmart Pro (starting at $9.99/month) and the free-to-use PromptSmart Lite. In PromptSmart Lite, you can utilize voice tracking to match the scroll speed with your natural pace or set a specific words-per-minute speed. However, the Lite version doesn't allow recording on the same device; for that, you'd need to upgrade to Pro.

5) Imaginary Teleprompter

For the Windows users, one of the best PC teleprompter software to try is the Imaginary Teleprompter. It stands out as an excellent and free teleprompter software with a range of useful features. These include mirroring for easier reading, dual-screen support, rich text editing, image integration, custom styles, tablet mode, webcam mode, auto-save, and accelerated graphics.

Mirroring is particularly essential for teleprompters, as it flips the words for improved readability. Custom styles add a personal touch, catering to diverse reading preferences beyond the standard white-on-black background.

6) EasyPrompter

Finally, we’re concluding our list of best teleprompter software with EasyPrompter, which offers a browser-based teleprompter tool that's popular among content creators, educators, and performers. The dual-screen feature allows for a split between operator and talent displays, with the talent screen even mirroring for teleprompter hardware compatibility.

While the basic plan is free, advanced features like dual-screen operation, offline use, and unlimited saved scripts are accessible through paid plans starting at $10.42/month, billed annually. These paid features enhance the teleprompting experience, providing users with options such as adjustable speed and font size, rich text editing, and convenient keyboard shortcuts.

Quick Comparison Chart

Teleprompter Software

Key Features


Notable Advantages


4K multitrack video recording, intuitive video editor, cinematic blur, instant highlighting, AI-powered features

Free, offers premium packages

Ease-of-use, affordability, AI-powered features

Video Teleprompter Lite

Script imports from iCloud, unlimited scripts, countdown timer, camera switching, autofocus

Free with in-app purchases

Ideal for video resumes, product explainers, vlogs; supports eye contact with the camera


Speed control, camera switching

Free, offers premium packages

Popular among 6 million video creators worldwide, suitable for social media, education, and content marketing


Voice tracking, adjustable speed, dual-screen support

Lite version free, Pro starting at $9.99/month

Best for Mac users, voice tracking for natural pacing, affordable Pro version

Imaginary Teleprompter

Mirroring, dual-screen support, rich text editing, image integration, custom styles


Excellent features for Windows users, mirroring for improved readability, diverse customization options


Dual-screen operation, offline use, unlimited saved scripts, adjustable speed, rich text editing

Free with paid plans starting at $10.42/month, billed annually

Browser-based, popular among content creators, educators, and performers; affordable paid plans for advanced features

What is Teleprompter Software?

A teleprompter software is typically used by public speakers, presenters or content creators for delivering their speech easier and with more confidence. Also known as autocue software, it turns your computer or tablet into a digital teleprompter, displaying your scrolling script while you’re performing it.

Its primary purpose is to help you maintain eye contact with your audience while reading a prepared script. The text is displayed on the screen in a way that is easily readable and can be adjusted for speed and font size according to your preference. This allows for a more natural and engaging delivery, as you can focus on conveying the message without constantly looking down at your notes or a physical script.

Teleprompter software is widely used in various settings, including television and video production, live events, speeches, and online content creation. It has become an invaluable tool for enhancing one’s performance and delivering a quality speech without memorizing the script or using visible reading cues.

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