Best Online Video Editors in 2023: Free & Paid

Video is the new media format of the decade. Every social media platform out there is flooded with video content: you scroll through short videos on your TikTok, watch personal videos on your friends' Instagram stories, and dive into the video world on YouTube.

But how do you get into that world? Is there an easy way to create a video without even downloading anything to your computer? Of course, there is! In this list, we've discovered the best online video editors of 2023, which are both easy to use and packed with professional video-creating tools.

So let's get straight into it!

Top 10 Best Free & Paid Online Video Editors for 2023

1) Online Video Editor by Movavi

If you're looking for a simple and user-friendly online video editor, this one is for you. Movavi offers a great variety of online tools for creating videos on its web interface. Just upload your assets and compress, trim, crop, reverse, and merge video online. Or, you can add transitions, filters, and music to make your video more engaging.

It doesn't matter if you've never edited a video before. The interface is very straightforward and simple to use, so you can get started right away. All the features are designed to make video editing accessible and effortless for everyone. Plus, each tool has a tutorial to help you along the way.

Key Features

- Drag and drop interface
- Basic video editing tools
- Filters and transitions to enhance your videos
- Royalty-free music tracks
- Aspect ratio customization


Free plan: $0/month


- Beginner-friendly
- Useful tutorial descriptions on the website
- Easy to use features
- Upload from Dropbox


- Limited to basic video editing functions only
- Watermark in the free version
- Slow upload speed for large files

2) Renderforest

Renderforest is a perfect online video editor for businesses and entrepreneurs. It is packed with hundreds of templates, stock footage, audio tracks, videos, and more. You can use Renderforest to quickly create promo videos, explainer videos or even music videos for your company. Keep in mind though, that Renderforest does not allow you to create your video from scratch so it has to be done with one of their templates. Still, it’s not a big problem as Renderforest has more than enough templates to choose from!

Other than creating fun videos, Renderforest also helps you in creating:

  • - Logos: get inspired from hundreds of professional logo templates
    - Mockups:create beautiful product mockups and boost your brand awareness
    - Websites: build a professional website with only a couple of clicks
    - Presentation: professionally style your business presentations
    - Graphics: use a bunch of high-quality visual designs for your social media posts, printables, and much more.

Key Features

  • - Different video templates including animated templates
    - Easy to use interface
    - Templates for presentations, logos, websites and mockups
    - More than 500 stock videos and 200 music tracks
    - Ability to add voice overs


Free plan: € 0/month
Lite plan:  € 9.99/month
Pro plan  € 16.99/month
Business plan:  € 29.99/month


  • - Up to 60 minutes for video creation
    - Export in HD720 and HD1080 resolutions for paid plans
    - There are no watermarks in HD videos
    - Intuitive platform and easy editor


  • - Limited customization: no option to produce videos from scratch
    - Free plan only supports 360p quality and watermarked exports
    - Only 60 second video duration for free version

3) is not simply a video editor. It also can serve as your live streaming studio, digital video recorder, thumbnail maker, a place to host your videos and even a place to find some great stock footage. One of the reasons creators love Wave so much is precisely for its ability to  replace so many platforms and provide these variety of services with a relatively cheap price.

If it's your first time at it might take you a while to figure out how to work with it. But don’t worry— gives you a number of handy prompts and guides that help you get set up with it pretty quickly. You get access to templates, stock library, layouts, stickers and other useful tools to create your own video quickly and effortlessly.

Key Features

  • - Auto-generated and editable subtitles and captions
    - Live streaming studio that you can customize
    - A free thumbnail making tool
    - Safe and secure video hosting service
    - Built-in library with stock footage


Free plan: $0/month
Streamer plan: $16/month
Creator plan: $24/month
Business plan: $48/month


  • - Ability to customize your video
    - More than 600 templates, stickers, overlays and transitions available
    - More than 10 million royalty-free videos and images from the stock library available
    - Ability to create and add custom captions or voiceovers
    - Option to remove the watermark or customize it according to your business’ needs.


  • - You can only create a 15 second-long video if you’re using the free version
    - The free version does not allow you to export HD quality videos or MP4 file formats
    - The interface is not very intuitive
    - It takes too much time to render videos

4) InVideo

For anyone who’s looking for video production software to create professional-quality videos effortlessly, InVideo is a perfect opinion! InVideo is mainly used for those who are looking to create video content for their social media campaigns, YouTube channel videos, or any other form of digital marketing.

From template and stock footage to hundreds of video editing tools—InVideo has all you need to create pro videos within minutes. Another great feature of InVideo is that it allows you to customize the video and make it match your brand colors by creating tailor-made templates.

And for those who want an in-depth guide on how to use InVideo for enhancing their video creation experience, InVideo offers a bunch of Udemy courses, each for a different use case.

Don’t forget to also download their mobile app available both on iOS and Android, to make edits on the go and simplify your video creation workflow even further.

Key Features

  • - More than 5000 video templates to use
    - More than 12 million royalty-free video clips and images to choose from
    - An in-built  voiceover recorder
    - Team sharing and collaboration feature available even for the free users
    - Palettes, presets, logos and fonts to use in your clip
    - Automated text-to-speech conversion


Free plan: $0/month
Business plan: $15/month
Unlimited plan: $30/month


  • - Beginner friendly and extremely intuitive interface
    - 24/7 premium quality customer care
    - 100 GB cloud storage
    - A number of tutorials and courses on how to use InHouse
    - Single click shortcuts for quicker editing
    - Facebook community with over 30K creators


  • - Maximum video duration allowed is 15 minutes
    - Poor search functionality
    - Might load pretty slowly at times

5) Veed

Veed’s motto is that anyone is able to make a good video. And to prove that, they offer a bunch of video editing tools to their users, that make video production easy and fast. From a simple video watermark remover to a green screen editor—Veed has it all. You can also use Veed for audio production, subtitle generations or even for simple file format conversions.

One of the best use cases of Veed is for the creation of demo videos and tutorials.It offers a screen and camera recorder feature, that you can use to demonstrate your product while still having your audience engaged by showing your face! In the end, you can edit your video with Veed’s editing software and that’s it — your demo is ready for publishing!

Key Features

  • - A simple and intuitive video editor
    - Screen and webcam recording feature
    - An ability to stream to multiple platforms
    - Automatic subtitle and transcription generator
    - Great video tutorials and helpful resources for audiovisual content creators


Free plan:  €10/month
Basic plan: €13/month
Pro plan: €22/month
Business plan:  €58/month


  • - A large number of video editing and recording tools available
    - A platform that is easy and fun to use
    - A library of royalty-free stock footage available
    - You can export GIFs and videos
    - Collaboration feature available


  • - The auto-generated captions are not always accurate
    - Very few graphic elements for videos
    - You can only save 4 projects with the free version

6) Kapwing

Kapwing is an online video editor that has all the basic functions you’ll need to create a professional video in minutes. This software is pretty popular among vloggers, educators and even small businesses due to its incredibly user-friendly interface and number of transitions, overlay images and editing tools it offers.

The philosophy behind Kapwing is that anyone should be able to create video content and share their story with the world. And luckily enough, that’s exactly what Kapwing enables with its platform. There are no fancy or overly complicated features in here and the entire process is pretty intuitive.

Here is one testimonial from a Kapwing user and director of content Gracie Peng which pretty much sums up how it feels to create videos with Kapwing:

“ This is one of the most powerful, yet inexpensive and easy-to-use video editing software I've found. I blow my team away with how fast and efficiently I can edit and turnaround video projects.”

Key Features

  • - AI-powered features like background remover, automatic translation services and subtitle generator
    - A number of basic video editing features for free
    - An ability to view and edit the video project with multiple creators at the same time
    - Screen and audio recorder for recording voice overs, tutorials, etc.
    - Meme generator to create memes in a couple of seconds
    - Video converter and resizer


Free plan: $0/month
Basic plan: $6/month
Pro plan: $16/month
Team plan: $16/month


  • - Pretty affordable compared to other software out there
    - Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
    - Cloud-based video editor with unlimited cloud storage
    - Supports video and audio imports from URLs
    - Doesn’t embed a watermark on the video


  • - Limited number of ready-to-use templates
    - Limited audio tracks available
    - The limit for the video duration in the free plan is 7 minutes

7) FlexClip

FlexClip is probably the only video editing software on the list that is the best option for making short presentations or video ads. It has a special slideshow maker feature that helps you easily combine your photos with music and create a beautiful and unique presentation. Other features of FlexClip include a screen recorder, movie maker and video editor.

Here are the three simple steps you need to follow to effortlessly create videos with Veed:

- Add your media: First, add the video or photo from your computer or the stock library
- Customize your video: Add some texts, graphic elements or music tracks to - make your video more engaging
- Export and enjoy: Export your final video or share it directly to your social media via a simple link

Key Features

  • - An ability to easily add logo, text, or music to your video
    - Video compressor and resizer
    - Easy video trimmer
    - Gif maker and meme generator
    - A feature that helps you easily merge videos together


Free plan: $0/month
Basic plan: $5.99/month
Plus plan: $9.99/month
Business plan: $19.99/month


  • - A simple and easy to navigate through interface
    - An extensive library of video templates
    - Overlay options, animation tools, add bunch of stickers available
    - A voiceover recorder that can be accessed directly from the online video editor


  • - Free plan only allows you to export video in 480p
    - You only have cloud support of 1000 videos

8) Adobe Express

Wouldn’t it be strange if a product of Adobe wasn’t on this list? Yes, as surprising as it is, Adobe does have an online video editor that you can use without downloading any heavy files to your computer. Known before as Adobe Spark, Adobe Express is a perfect tool for businesses and entrepreneurs who want a video editing tool that is simpler than Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects but is still packed with professional tools.

Here are a number of ways you can use Adobe Express for creating your video:

  • - Trim and cut your video with a few simple clicks
    - Enhance your video with royalty-free music tracks
    - Add text and icon to your video to add the desired messaging
    - Make your video more engaging by adding images
    - Merge different video clips together
    - Select a special video theme for your project
    - Resize and rescale your video

Key Features

  • - All the basic editing tools available
    - Number of video templates and themes to use
    - Visual graphics, texts and icons available
    - Intuitive and beginner-friendly interface
    - Ability to share across different social media platforms


Free plan: $0/month
Premium plan: $9.99/month


  • - Is created by Adobe
    - Helpful prompts to guide you throughout your video creation process
    - Multiple user collaboration supported
    - Very clean interface
    - Templates are easily customizable


  • - Limited ready-to-use templates
    - Very basic audio library
    - Video duration cannot exceed 30 seconds in the Free plan
    - Extremely limited features for the free users

9) Vimeo Create

If you’re a video creator, you’re certainly familiar with Vimeo, one of the best video experience platforms out there. Although you might have known Vimeo mainly for its video uploading and streaming services, it’s not all that it has to offer! Pretty recently it has introduced its easy-to-use video editor called Vimeo Create which promises its users to be able to create professional videos in minutes.

The workflow with Vimeo Create usually starts with the users picking a video template, and customizing it according to their needs. Of course, if you have enough inspiration and vision, you can also start creating your video from scratch! After the basics are done, Vimeo Create offers you a bunch of graphics, layouts and filters to make your video more captivating. In the end, all you need to do is add your logo and share your video with others!

Key Features

  • - Beginner friendly video editor
    - High quality GIF and animator maker
    - Easy video trimming and cropping tools
    - Hundreds of royalty free music tracks
    - A library of stickers and other visual graphics available


Starter plan: €8/month
Standard plan: €20/month
Advanced plan: €49/month
Enterprise plan: to be negotiated with the company


  • - It’s created by video industry giant Vimeo
    - A variety of trendy transitions and fonts available
    - Easy to navigate through interface
    - Ability to customize your videos according to the brand color, font or logo
    - Ability to download videos with HD quality


  • - Limited number of templates
    - Video duration is limited to 10 minutes
    - There is no free plan available

10) Animoto

This online video maker is especially good for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Most of Animoto's features are perfectly suited for creating testimonials, event announcements or product videos. And the best part is that you don’t have to hire an expert video creator to make those videos for your company. Animoto offers a drag and drop editor which anyone in your team can use.

Some of the video types you can create with Animoto include:

  • - Promo video: You can easily create promotional videos and ads with Animoto
    - Slideshow video: If you have to make a quick business presentation, then Animoto’s slideshow maker is for you!
    - Social media video: Level up your company’s social media feed with engaging yet easy to make videos
    - Tutorial video: Demonstrate how your product works with a simple tutorial

Key Features

  • - An extensive stock library with millions of videos and photos
    - An ability to upload your own photo or video footage
    - Thousands of licenced music tracks to choose from
    - Compatibility with Mac and PC, a cloud-based system to save all your work!


Free plan: €0 /month
Basic plan:  €7 /month
Professional plan: €14 /month
Professional Plus plan: €35 /month


  • - Templates that can help you save time
    - Easy cropping and trimming tools
    - 40 professional texts and fonts to enhance the visuals of your video
    - Logo watermark available
    - Lifetime license for your videos


  • - Limited customization options
    - Very limited features in the free plan


  • - What is an online video editor and how does it work?


- What are the advantages of using an online video editor over a desktop video editor?

All the desktop video editors take a lot of memory storage. Hence, if you don’t have a powerful computer, working with a desktop editor will become impossible as it will start crashing down every once in a while. An easy solution to this problem is to switch to an online video editor that doesn’t require you to download anything to your computer.

- How can I choose the best online video editor for my needs?

First you need to identify your needs. What exactly are you looking for in an online video editor? Do you need it mainly for editing your online video interviews or are you aiming to create fun promotional videos for your social media accounts? Once you identify what your main goal is, it will be much easier to choose the perfect solution  out there.

- How can I edit videos online using an online video editor?

Editing videos online is extremely easy. All the online video editors on our list offer a very intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, so that having a quick video edit done will take you only a couple of minutes.

- Which video editor is best for beginners?

All the video editors in this list are beginner-friendly. However, Podcastle is the one that is most suited for absolute beginners as it focuses only on the basic editing tools and offers an extremely user-friendly interface.

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