Video Podcasting: What Is It, Why Is It So Important And Why Think Far Away?

Was not a podcast all about audio? Well, if that is how you still think, we have some exciting news: video podcasting. Yes, you have heard it right! Video podcasting is a mixture of video and podcasting, and the good news is that it seems to conquer the market. It is yet another tool that will help you to become a more advanced podcaster. But before you grab your camera, let’s take a look at what exactly video podcasting is and why is it so important?

What is video podcasting?

Video podcasting is when you put a video on top of your podcast to share it on other social media platforms. Sometimes podcasters make video podcasts to make their content a little more engaging. Many podcast creation services might assist you in getting videos too.

What type of video can you put on top of your podcast, you might wonder? Well, you can record yourself while doing the podcast or interviewing someone for it and put it behind the audio. It is that simple. Now let us understand why video podcasting became so popular.

Videos help to capture the attention

You have heard how podcasting is such a convenient medium because it allows you to engage in other tasks while listening to your favorite podcaster. Well, this same advantage can be a pretty disturbing factor for some listeners.

Many podcast listeners find it hard to focus on the audio and not get distracted by other factors. Here is when the video comes in. The video helps your audience to be more attentive to the content and not to distract.

But that is not the only advantage of videos. Videos help to convey your message to the podcast audience easier. The thing is that when people watch you talking, your body gestures and facial expressions make your message clearer. On the other hand, when your listeners only listen to the podcast, they might misinterpret some parts of what you are saying.

Videos help to become more trustworthy

Another reason why many podcasters decide to switch to video podcasting is to build up trust. Videos help your audience to become more familiar with you and recognize your face. It subconsciously makes them trust you more. Even if you do not want to switch to video podcasting, it might still be a good idea to accompany a couple of your episodes with videos.

Videos open the door to YouTube and other Social Media platforms

Finally, one of the most fundamental advantages of video podcasting is that they help you reach out to a wider audience. You can post your video podcast on YouTube, and this will bring more potential listeners to your channel. Plus, the chances are that you will also improve your website SEO, as Google loves YouTube.

Posting podcasts to Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms is not easy either. But if you have video material, it significantly simplifies your work. You can share to any platform and promote your podcasts fully.

Okay, all of this is good, but how exactly do you get the video for your podcast? Well, you can start by shooting the video. Then you turn it into a podcast with the adaptive AI technology: you just pull out the audio from it. Moreover, you can also use the text-to-podcast tool to get the full transcript out of your podcast later. It will allow you to integrate the text into your website too. So find an AI-powered platform to simplify your work and take your podcasting to the next level!

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