Podcast Marketing Tips for Better Listener Adoption

Creating a podcast is not hard today. You don't need to have a huge amount of specialized equipment to ensure high-quality sound. The challenging part of creating an outstanding and successful show is podcast marketing. You created your podcast to get to your target audience. After all the processes are done, you need to make sure that your target audience can find and watch your show. This is where podcast marketing and promotion can help you make your podcast discoverable. Surely, word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to spread awareness about podcasts. This is especially valuable when the show is of excellent quality and addresses topics that are of general interest to the community. However, it can't ensure that thousands of people will tune in. You need to know how to strategically promote your podcast to maintain your audience and keep it growing. We've got some podcast marketing tips for better promotion and listener adoption.

Distribute Your Podcast Everywhere

Remember that not all your listeners use the same platform to listen to your show. So, the first action you should take toward making a podcast discoverable is to make sure that it is available everywhere.

By distributing your podcast on all podcasting apps, you increase your chances of growing the number of your listeners.

You can also ask directly your most loyal listeners which platform or what type of smartphone they use when listening to your podcast. Since if you're an iPhone user, you'll most probably listen to podcasts on the Apple Podcasts platform installed by default on your device. Meanwhile, if you use a phone with Android, you won't have a standard default app.

So, it's highly recommended to make your podcast available on all listening platforms.

Develop SEO Strategy

Making your podcast visible outside the podcast ecosystem is also very important for improving the discoverability of your podcast. It might be hard to discover, connect and listen to a podcast that is simply posted to classic platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc. So, SEO is something you really shouldn't underestimate. You may use it to attract potential listeners who maybe weren't planning on listening to a podcast.

So, for example, creating a landing page with a transcription of your podcast with the necessary keywords, subheads, and relevant links will increase SEO on your podcast as well as support accessibility for those who have difficulties with hearing and want to read through your recordings.

Additionally, you should apply SEO techniques like keywords and metadata while creating the actual description of the podcast that lands on podcast platforms.

Make a YouTube Video Out of Your Podcast

Making your show available in more places is part of great podcast marketing. Being the world's second most famous search engine after Google, YouTube may be a great way to put the word out about your podcast to people who haven't heard of it but are interested in the topic you are speaking about.

It's also essential for the SEO of your podcast. Your podcast may appear higher in the search results when you upload it to YouTube since you may add keywords in video titles and descriptions, helping search engines and listeners find the podcast online.

Promote Your Podcast on Social Media Networks

Social networks are one great lever you should definitely use for your podcast marketing and promotion. You may promote your episodes by reusing your content on social media. For instance, you can share a motivational quote from one of your guests, create an infographic for your episode to highlight the best parts, or post photos illustrating the topic of your latest episode. Of course, the options are endless. You'll be able to stand out among other podcasts thanks to your creativity and originality.

Inform Your Audience About Your Latest News Through Email Marketing

Newsletter is another avenue that might have a significant impact on the number of your listeners. For the most part, the people who subscribe to your podcast are often your most dedicated listeners. So, it's a great idea to inform your audience about the latest episode you've just posted on all the listening platforms via newsletter. It lets you to interact directly with your main target. And it's this target that's going to organically kick-start the process of spreading the news about your podcast.

Consider Promoting Your Podcast With Pinterest

With an average of 320 million users, Pinterest might just be one of the most interesting platforms with strong ad capability. Pinterest is a search engine that can generate a good amount of interest and web traffic when done correctly. Using Pinterest for your podcast can benefit you by sending direct traffic to your podcast website. You could also drive clicks through to a lead magnet, landing page, guide, or blog that highlights your most popular episodes, so when people click on your pin and go to your site, you can instantly engage them with free or exclusive content!

Work With Other Podcasters To Get Your Podcast Known

Partnering with other podcasters and cross-promoting each other is another great way to get your podcast in front of a new audience. Cross-promotion helps you reach a qualified audience since it will comprise individuals who are already engaged in listening to podcasts.

Leverage QR Code Marketing

Digital isn't always enough. In the modern day, it's essential to adopt phygital marketing strategies like QR code marketing.
A QR code will connect a physical advertisement to a digital product. It can be leveraged in many ways. For instance, place a QR code in a bus or a train, where the user is bored and looking for quality entertainment. The bored user scans the conveniently placed QR code and starts listening to your epic podcast. Before you know it, they're hooked.Voila! QR codes are pretty easy to make as well; all you need to do is use a QR code generator like Beaconstac, create and then download a free QR code that links to your podcast.


The growth of podcasts doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. As the popularity of the podcast medium grows, marketers should start optimizing their podcast strategies. Brands may possibly reach a broader audience and increase engagement by following the ideas above.

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