Why you need to Get Podcast Reviews and How to get them

Podcast reviews are significant pieces of feedback on the platforms you choose to publish your podcast on, including Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Stitcher, and YouTube. Basically, these are public forums for podcast listeners to rate and give their opinions on the shows they listen to. We'll cover several different ways you can use to get more podcast reviews. Let's discuss why getting more reviews is so important and how you can make your show more successful.

Pop culture has always been shaped by audience feedback. Many record labels have discarded albums that don't sell. TV shows that fail to draw enough viewers have been canceled. The same applies to digital forms of entertainment.

Launching your own podcast can help you bypass the gatekeepers, such as radio stations and TV networks that impede your success. This still doesn't change the fact that platforms like Apple Podcasts and Stitcher are controlled by algorithms that function similarly to the rating systems that determine which TV shows, movies, songs, and books make it into the mainstream.

Among the largest podcasting platforms, Apple Podcasts uses ratings and reviews to establish its overall ranking algorithm. You'll have difficulty maintaining high rankings if you don't receive enough positive reviews and episode downloads. As a result, you're unlikely to be featured on the platform or featured in searches or recommendations.

Podcast reviews also influence social proof. The consumer use reviews to determine the quality of products, services, and businesses, and podcasts are no exception. Having a low average star rating will repel many potential listeners. You can do several things along the way to encourage listeners to leave reviews, but you can also implement many strategies to increase the number of reviews your podcast receives. There are a few things you should have considered before launching the podcast. It's about knowing who your ideal audience is and what categories to use on a podcast directory. Choosing categories that are related to your niche but aren't too competitive is the ideal approach. Good audio quality is equally important and shouldn't be undervalued. Listeners may not even hear through a few minutes of the first episode if there is background noise, muddled sounds, buzzing, or other similar distractions.

Rather than launching your podcast with one episode, consider tossing it with a few episodes to give your first listeners a chance to become enamored with the show. Plan your upcoming episodes according to a schedule. You'll get more downloads and listeners if you release more than one episode a week. Still, you shouldn't bother taking this challenge if you are unable to produce quality shows consistently or easily susceptible to burnout.

Consider creating a blog, YouTube channel, or social media presence outside of your podcast. Your podcast will gain more visibility this way. Establishing a network is also essential. Having high-profile guests on your podcast and appearing on high-profile shows are among the most powerful ways to grow your audience.

Ways to Get More Podcast Reviews

Once you've identified your niche and categories and are producing quality content on a regular basis, you can maximize your success by gaining more reviews. We'll cover the following methods:

1. Request feedback from listeners after each episode

A quick way to get more reviews is to add a call-to-action at the end of each episode. You should do this once the episode's topic has ended and before you begin closing remarks. You should also include it in your show notes. A better approach would be to encourage people to leave a review on a Podcast directory. You don't need to prompt users to leave a 5-star review, but you should draw attention to the fact that it's free and easy to do. By reading honest feedback from your past shows, you can even highlight past reviews.

2. Use your network to your advantage

A great way to get more reviews is to ask around among your network. You may also invite friends, family members, and fellow influencers to review your show. Consider reviewing your guest's show instead of simply asking them to leave one. If you appear on another podcast or have a guest who is also a podcaster, try to leave a review. Alternatively, send a short message to influencers in your network asking if they'd be interested in reviewing your podcast.

3. Utilize your mailing list

It's better to have an email list and an autoresponder series to welcome new subscribers. Consider sharing a different episode in each email, and ask your subscribers to review the show after listening to it. Consider dedicating one email in your welcome sequence for new subscribers to introduce your podcast on your blog or YouTube channel. Encourage viewers to leave feedback by promoting your top episodes. Create a broadcast email and send it to your entire list or individual recipients to promote new and past episodes. Request your listeners to post reviews after they listen.

4. Create a short guide on supporting the podcast

You have probably heard of animation shorts. These are animated films that are typically no longer than 10 minutes. The same can be done with your podcast, using this shorter format to emphasize certain topics, such as announcements. The title of one of these episodes could be "How to Support the Podcast Show," which will focus on how your committed listeners can help the show succeed in both monetary and non-monetary capacities. Leaving reviews should undoubtedly be on this list, along with why they are essential. A corresponding page can also serve the same purpose on your website. If you create both, you can add a player with the podcast episode on the page.

With immediate access to the products they want to buy, listeners are less likely to do things that require more than a few steps. The same goes for leaving reviews. Make it easy for your listeners to access your reviews with an easily accessible URL that leads directly to your podcast reviewing page. If you are a WordPress user, try a plugin called Pretty Links to create a link pointing to your podcast reviewing page. If you are not a WordPress user, try a tool like Simple Podcast Press.
For gathering real-time reviews of the podcast at an event or a conference, you can place QR codes on banners, flyers, and other hoardings. QR codes can be created easily using a QR code maker.

6. Conduct a Contest

Sometimes your show may require more enticements for listeners to review it. Running a contest with the requirements of being a subscriber and leaving a review on your podcast is a fantastic way of getting their attention. If you choose a winner on a weekly or monthly basis, you can receive new reviews on a consistent basis.

7. Communicate directly with the audience

Whether you sell products or not, you will interact one on one with your listeners occasionally. You may experience this on social media, forums, your comment section, or even via email. When these moments arise, don't be afraid to ask listeners for feedback. Be sure to convey the importance of reviews and how they can help your podcast.

8. Observe other podcasts

Bloggers still use this old tactic to draw the interest of readers and fellow bloggers today. Apple Podcasts is a great place for podcasters to review other shows to garner the attention of more prominent podcasters and their listeners. Make sure you are bold enough to ask them to listen to your show and provide feedback. Sometimes it may be considered spam, so proceed carefully. Getting more podcast reviews involves luring new listeners to your show and enticing them to post reviews using the above methods.

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