Top 10 Proven Podcast Marketing Strategies To Help You Stay In The Frontlines

Podcasting is booming.

Nowadays, podcasting is emerging to be one of the widely used marketing tools for businesses. The number of new podcasts being created every single day began to grow exponentially creating a whole new challenge for marketing aficionados.

Growing your podcast takes time, but the reward is huge!
Let’s dive into 10 proven marketing strategies where you can get the biggest bang for your buck growth strategy.

1. Valuable content

Creating a podcast content that is packed with valuable information and the perfect sprinkle of entertainment, and covers subject matter that is interesting and relevant to your targeted audience builds trust towards you being an expert on the topic.

2. Podcasts directories

One of the most impactful ways to grow your show is to list your podcast across major players in the podcast listening game. Make sure to get into podcast directories like:
- Apple Podcasts (formerly known as iTunes)
- Spotify podcasts
- Stitcher
- Google Podcasts
- TuneIn

Submitting to podcast directories is a significant part of getting your new podcast off the ground. Don’t leave out your audience that listens to podcasts on a bunch of different apps to dry.

3. Podcast trailers

A podcast trailer can arouse curiosity and interest for your show before dropping a full-blown episode as it gives your potential listeners a taste of what they can expect if they subscribe to your podcast. It's like short previews of the main content giving the overall mood for the upcoming full-length episode. Through the years, the “coming soon” trailers became the tried and tested formula to intrigue and engage audiences.

4. Social Media

Social media plays a significant role in podcasting too. You can't run a successful podcast waiting for listeners to show up on their own. By leveraging your social media you can reach your potential audience and drive extreme results for your show.
Look for FB groups, LinkedIn groups, Twitter hashtags, Instagram hashtags, Reddit threads, specifically geared towards the people that you know would also be interested in your podcast content.  Hype your audience with your podcast trailer on social media a day before the episode drops. Share more content about your podcasts both current and upcoming ones.

5. Guest podcasting

Guest podcasting is an amazing way to connect with an entirely new audience of potential listeners. This is when you become a guest on another person’s podcast.
But not just anyone’s podcast - it should be a reputable podcast that has a lookalike target audience that you do. Listeners already trust the podcast host and then if you are able to demonstrate your expertise and say at the end of the episode that you have a much deeper podcast regarding the topic - you are going to get a good number of listeners from that podcast to come over and subscribe to yours.
So what do you need to do? Research and find podcasts that are a good crossover with your audience, then pitch them to be a guest on their show. Remember, that in order to be invited as a guest, you’ll need to ask yourself what value you are going to provide to their audience, how you are going to make their podcast better, and what is the expertise and the experience that you can bring to the table making them think they should have you as a guest on their podcast.
Make sure that on your guest podcasting efforts you are clear with the call to action as well, which should take the listener to a unique URL that’s specific for that audience.

6. Guest promotion

One of the good things about having an interview-style podcast is that you collaborate with some really interesting people. Your podcast guest can help you to promote their episode and your podcast. You can simply ask your podcast guest to share their episode with their listeners and followers, or their fan base and if your guest has a large social media following, it can result in more people being aware of your podcast and subscribing right away.
Similarly, if you are a guest on someone’s podcast, you can ask the host if you can drop your podcast name or if they can link your podcast in the show notes or descriptions.  This is key, as it opens a door to a wider audience that you haven’t interacted with yet thus giving a chance to grow the number of your listeners.

7. Ads

If you happen to be a guest on another person’s podcast, offer to pay to boost their posts on their social media channels to their audience with you featured on their podcast episode. This is very common and this way both of you will benefit because you’re giving the host money to show his podcast to more people and you are getting a chance to reach more people in his audience with his endorsement and promoting you. It’s going to be a lot better than sending cold ads directly to a person that has never interacted with you and with any of your content before.

8. Repurposing your podcast

Repurposing podcast content is an ideal strategy to refresh existing episodes into new mediums. This way you’ll discover new potential audiences and keep your current listeners engaged just by uniquely packaging the content you’ve already created.
But besides audience growth, it will give you other benefits as well.  By taking an existing piece of content and reformatting it, let's say for a blog, you’ll squeeze more value out of previously untapped SEO, as a blog content packed with relevant SEO-friendly keywords will boost your website rankings higher in SERPs.
Other ways of repurposing your podcast content into a new piece of content are a video for Youtube, Social media posts, infographics, etc.
So repurposing a podcast content can save you time, money and also be a new way to interact with your followers.

9. Newsletter before a new podcast release

While many people think about newsletters as outdated, old-school marketing, it remains one of the pillars for a lot of podcasters to establish loyalty among their listeners. Sending an email to your subscribed listeners before your new podcast release can keep your followers engaged and increase loyalty.

10. Subscribe, Rate & Review

Subscribing to the podcast is crucially important because that means that your listeners will automatically get new episodes that you release. What comes to ratings and reviews, they act as social proof. They are key, as they are a valuable way to understand how your audience feels about your show. So if you have good ratings and good reviews, people are more likely to download an episode and listen. To recap, as ratings and reviews are essential for your podcast, therefore always ask your listeners to rate you and leave reviews.

As the podcasting market size continuously grows and the number of podcast listeners increases rapidly, more people will get into it offering their own podcasts. While you build out your strategy, it’s important to remember about adding additional value to each new episode in order to build up a loyal fanbase before your competitors enter the podcasting space. Always discover new audiences and focus on trends and needs of your listeners thereby staying in the frontlines.

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