How to Market Your Podcast: 7 Tips and Tricks

Podcasts have never been more popular. The podcasting industry has grown by leaps and bounds recently. As per podcast market projections, by the end of 2025, there will be over 144 million monthly podcast listeners in the United States; meanwhile, Interactive Advertising Bureau predicts podcast ad revenue to hit $1 billion this year and $2 billion by 2023 again in the United States alone. In the world of podcasting, things are getting a lot more competitive as there are companies like Spotify, the world's most popular audio streaming subscription service, buying podcast ad company Megaphone for $ 235 million, or Amazon acquiring Wondery, a big podcast studio, with a deal valued around $300 million. Competition is getting stiffer, and these acquisitions mean better quality, better ad platforms, better podcasting analytics which undoubtedly will accelerate the growth of the podcasting industry globally.  In a nutshell, to survive and go up in this industry, you'll need to have a detailed planned marketing strategy. Previously we talked about general marketing strategy for podcasts. We now have prepared 7 Tips and Tricks for you, which will add value to your marketing efforts.

Know your Audience (Target Market)

Podcasting attracts mainly individuals who prefer to consume information passively. The first thing to consider when choosing your podcast niche is your target audience. After you determine your exact target audience, you can create your podcast niche around that audience. You can find guests, come up with episode ideas, and promote your podcast with the interests of your target audience as your guide. First and foremost: your audience, your core demographic, is not "everyone." No podcast is made with everyone in mind. Most valuable followers will continue to look for high-value podcasts.


Content Quality is the most important part you want to hone in on if you are serious about growing your podcast. You want your podcast show to be focused on a particular topic that will appeal to the right audience. It should be narrowed down to a theme you can talk about for many episodes without boring your listeners. When you gear your podcast toward a very specific type of listener, it makes it easier for your target audience to find your show. And as you get more popular, you can expand your topic. Always remember about adding value to your content, as it will be the central area of competition for attention. Businesses will start to leverage high-quality podcast content to target niche audiences efficiently.

Make your audio perfect

Pay close attention to audio quality as it is equally essential. As the awareness grows, podcast hosts and creators are investing in better and better equipment. Many podcasters focus solely on their podcast, but providing the best sound quality is extremely important. Many people listen to podcasts in noisy environments – in cars, during a walk, at the gym, in public transportation. It is vital to provide them with great experience and pure sound quality. Without good audio, they can easily switch to music streaming. So sound quality is essential for making a successful podcast.

Talk to your listeners.

Audience feedback is important. It's not that only your audience wants to listen to you - they want you to listen to them! Tell your listeners that you want to hear them. Make surveys, ask what they want to listen about, what they would change, etc. Surveys and feedbacks will allow you to make data-driven decisions - better user experience and more targeted podcasts. When you keep involving your listeners in your episodes, you'll be giving them a real incentive to keep coming back for more interesting episodes. In turn, you'll see your audience growing, and your engagement levels will soar. Let your listeners' voices be heard.


As a podcaster, networking is key for growing your podcast and developing a brand, it isn't just about getting the word out. Networking is crucial for finding guests for your show, promoting your show on others podcasts, and generally for spreading the word about your show. Well, yes, networking can be tricky though no matter what profession you're in. When networking, you want to ensure that you are aware of the topic and bring value to every interaction that you have. Value exchange is essentially what networking is, so you need to make sure you are communicating your value to others. And of course, it's also an opportunity to make connections with other podcasters and experts in your field, who can then go and spread the word. Attend conferences & public events, go on other podcasts, and invite loyal fans on the show.

Podcasting Website

Podcasts need to focus on their websites, which should be key to long-term success. With a website, you can better control communication lists, SEO efforts, and more. Having a website, you can better control communication with your users around your show through posts, mailing lists, and SEO efforts. Posting transcripts of your episode will get you additional organic traffic from search engines. Also, with a website, you will have more options to monetize and promote your podcast.

Promotion Strategy

And finally, we got to the 7th point. Carefully coordinated strategy, content, and promotion plan will enable faster growth rates for podcasts. Promotion strategy plays a significant role in your podcast marketing. Podcast promotion strategy isn't a one-size-fits-all game. A strategy that floods hundreds of downloads for one show may be a slow drip for another.

And it's essential to consider these mediums when planning your promotion strategy:

  • Guest podcasting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Submit your podcast to podcatchers and aggregators
  • SEO Searchability

To grow and maintain your audience, you need to know how to market your podcast. There are many innovative ways to market your podcast, but which tactics work best for independent podcasters with a niche audience. Follow us, as our next article will be about promoting your podcast, having designed your marketing strategy.

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