6 Crucial Questions to Ask When Starting a Podcast

Are you at the starting blocks of your podcasting career? We’re glad you made up your mind to join one of the rapidly growing industries. Podcasting won the hearts of more than 80 mln Americans in 2021, and that number keeps increasing. So, there is no shortage of listeners who demand quality shows.

However, to push your show through millions of podcasts globally, you should have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish. This will help you design better strategies and achieve your goals more quickly. A good way for accurate planning is to design a list of questions to ask yourself when starting a podcast. This list should go far beyond “what am I going to talk about?” and go deeper into discussing your podcast and target audience. If you’re unsure which aspects of your podcasting business you should explore, we’re here to help. Below, you can see 6 crucial questions to ask when starting a podcast.

Question 1: What is my show going to be about?

If you don’t choose a podcast topic that makes your eyes sparkle, you are on the wrong track. You can reformulate this question to “what am I truly passionate about?.” Choose the sphere where you have the highest expertise and feel you can be the most useful for other people. It’s highly recommended that you choose a podcast topic according to your profession. This will help you build more trust in the eyes of your audience and increase the value of the information you provide during the show.

Question 2: What vibe is my show going to translate?

Once you determine a podcast segment for your show, you should proceed with the podcast branding. At its initial phase, this refers to the show’s name and podcast graphics, which should translate your show’s meaning to the listeners from the first seconds. Therefore, you should also be particular about the atmosphere of your show. Will it feel like a friendly conversation or more like a professional consultation? Maybe you should make your listeners smile no matter how complex the topics you discuss are? Whatever it is, make sure all the podcast branding elements correspond to the feeling you want to awake in your listeners.


Question 3: Is podcasting even a good idea?

Don’t call us crazy for putting this in the questions to ask yourself when starting a podcast. That’s a crucial question to answer once you know what you want to say and WHO you want to say it to. Many podcasters might fail not because their show is bad but because podcasting is not suitable for the message they want to translate. Omnicore’s recent research revealed people listen to podcasts to learn new things, entertain themselves, or simply relax. So, you should question whether your show will meet podcast listeners’ expectations, and if it won’t, it’s better to hold off podcasting for a while.

Question 4: Do I want to be the only player?

Creating a successful show requires talented scriptwriting as well as someone to deliver a well-crafted script to the audience successfully. So, you should ask yourself if you possess those two skills. If not, determine your weak side and outsource it to those who will do it better. For example, if you are strong at rhetorics but have problems writing down your thoughts, it would be useful to hire a professional scriptwriter. Similarly, if you feel like verbal communication is not your strongest side, you can invite a talented speaker as a co-host for your show.

Question 5: Do I have enough content?

Once you announce your show to the listeners, you need to ensure you have enough content to run the show for at least a month. Ideally, you should have at least 3-4 recorded episodes at hand when launching your podcast. That’s essential as listeners love and even demand consistency. If you launch the first show and get credited by your audience, they will be interested in knowing the date of your second episode’s release. Disappointing them at the very start will be a bad idea, so you’re highly recommended to plan and record your content in advance.

Question 6: Will I be able to produce a quality show?

That’s a crucial point to consider. If you can’t produce a studio-quality podcast, you will fall out of competition no matter how good the script is. To produce a high-quality show, you either need to invest in pro equipment or be tech-savvy and use modern AI-based tools. For the latter you can use Podcastle.ai, an AI-driven recording and editing software. In this case, you will only need a laptop to produce a professional quality recording even if  your’re at home. If you prefer the traditional way regardless, check some must-have equipment you should purchase.

To sum up

Answering the above questions will help you better construct your podcasting journey. It will help you set the right priorities from the start and visualize the steps towards achieving desired results. Besides the above list, you can construct your own list of questions. The critical point here is to think of the most crucial aspects of your show’s production and branding beforehand in this way minimizing the risk of future failures.

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