The Secret Recipe For The Best Podcast Trailer

Modern, fast-paced society is getting increasingly more entertainment options in parallel to having less free time. One of the recent studies says an average adult has around 36-40 free hours in a week, from which about 70-130 minutes daily are dedicated to leisure, depending on the country. These statistics encourage podcasters to become more effective when promoting their shows to become a preferred entertainment option for consumers with limited time. On top of that, there are over 2,000,000 podcasts globally, making the competition harsher. Long story short, if you want to catch the listener's attention, you need to hook them with your content. And making a podcast trailer before your next episode comes out is one of the best working tactics for that. A podcast teaser is the best podcast moments put into a short intro video like a movie trailer. It's used to trigger listeners' interests and boost the show's popularity. And if you're not sure what's the right way to prepare the best podcast trailer, don't worry. We're diving into the pro tips for creating an insanely good podcast trailer right now.

Why having a podcast trailer is a must?

Curiosity is the moving force. Half of the job is done if you make people interested in your product. And that's exactly why podcast trailers are so popular. They inform listeners about your show and whet their appetite not to miss the full episode when it's released. Providing your audience with your show's preview boosts your podcast's listenership. If created the right way, a podcast trailer makes listeners excited about the show and impatient to listen to it. Releasing a podcast trailer is an essential technique to allure your listeners with your upcoming content.

What should be included in the podcast trailer?

#1 Name of the podcast

You might think including your show's name in your podcast trailer is a bit basicl; however, it's one of the first things you should do. Don't forget that podcasts do not have a visual aid like social media posts do. So, you need to pronounce your show's name in your podcast trailer. After all, one of the goals of the teaser is to increase your show's brand awareness. A rule of thumb says it's good to have the podcast's name at least twice during a teaser.

#2 Description of the show

If you want people to dedicate time to listen to your podcast, one of the first things you should do is introduce your show to them. Show description includes a short introduction of the podcast's host and the show itself. Your podcast teaser is a perfect place to talk about what value your show will bring to the listeners, what it’s about, etc. It's also a great chance to introduce yourself as a host and make personal connections.

#3 Call to Action

Once your listeners get interested in your podcast, make sure they know where they can get your podcast from. Include a clear call to action in your podcast trailer when you point to the source of your full-length show. Ideally, navigate them to your website. If you don't have an official website, tell them which podcast directory they can find your show at. Also, don't forget to mention the date and time when the podcast will be released.

How to make a podcast trailer?

You've got the key points that your podcast teaser should cover. So, the next thing you should understand now is how to record a podcast teaser and the efforts required from you to do it. Fet's state that you can record a perfect podcast trailer without spending too much money on it. Also, you do not need to have professional equipment for that. Interested how? Read the two basic steps you need to complete below.

Brainstorm the trailer’s outline

Your podcast trailer should create strong associations with your show. So, you need to include your podcast’s main branding elements in it, such as intros and outros, podcast music, and some key expressions that the host often pronounces. In this regard, it’s a great idea to brainstorm with your team and jot out some ideas on the podcast trailer’s outline. You should include some fractions of your next episode, keeping listeners interested in what will happen next in the show. Other than that, the podcast trailer should include the highlights of your upcoming episode. This should serve as a hook for the listeners; therefore, it’s important not to give away too much and maintain their curiosity.

Record a podcast trailer

When your podcast trailer is ready on paper, it’s time to turn it into a high-quality audio clip. And if you think you need to break the bank on producing a quality podcast teaser on your own, that’s a wrong assumption. With Podcastle, an audio recording and editing software, you can record high-quality audio and edit it without professional equipment. On top of that, most of Podcastle’s features, such as audio editor, are free to use. If you want to include a podcast intro in your trailer or add royalty-free music to it, you can do it in Podcastle, too. Head to the platform to start your recording right away!

Before you go

Releasing podcast trailers before your show comes out is a well-working strategy for most podcasters. Added that it’s dead simple to produce a podcast teaser with Podcastle, you should not miss this opportunity to increase your listenership and engagement with your show.

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