Farewell to Awful Quality! The Best Apps for Making Podcasts

Podcast recording can be a pleasant pastime, but it also takes time and effort. That doesn't even take into account the chore of finding the right tools for the job. Before a podcaster chooses one of the best apps for making podcasts, they should consider several other factors: decide on a unique topic, select recording equipment based on the budget available, think about promotion opportunities, etc. Nevertheless, finding the best app to record a show is still an important stage on the way to creating a successful podcast!

Let's turn this article into a comprehensive guide to help every beginner find their perfect podcast recording solution.

Get Started With the Right Equipment

The first step in starting a podcast is to get the right equipment. In this section we will cover the basic podcast equipment, including microphones, acoustic treatments and headphones.

Choose the Best Microphone

Depending on your budget, you can either invest in high-quality recording equipment or use your laptop's built-in microphone. Opting for the latter, podcasters risk getting muddy and grainy sounds. So, if you're just starting, we recommend investing in the cheapest portable microphone. This will save you tons of time and effort trying to clean up the recording in post-production.

For instance, check this Broadcast-Quality Lavalier Omnidirectional Microphone on Amazon.

If a small portable microphone is not an option for you, more advanced alternatives are available. Consider the following characteristics before choosing a professional microphone:

  1. USB mics connect to any laptop and automatically save the recordings in a separate folder. They have all the elements of a traditional microphone with several extra features: an onboard preamp and an A/D converter.
  2. XLR microphones make it possible to connect up to three microphones simultaneously. This option is great for interviews and double-host shows.
  3. Dynamic mics are not sensitive to background noises. It is only possible to record while speaking right in front of them.
  4. Condenser mics can catch any background noise because they are designed to capture even the tiniest vocal details. However, this means your recordings will be less crispy. Dynamic mics are especially great for DJs and music creators.

Choose the Best Acoustic Treatments

Many professional podcasters invest in special equipment to remove echoing sounds from their recordings. Acoustic treatments reduce the reflections of sound waves in your recording space. This, in turn, makes the recordings sound more natural and prevents them from sounding muddy.

The most popular acoustic treatments are bass traps, foam panels and diffusers. You can find all of these treatments on Amazon. Let's quickly go through the main points concerning each treatment:

  1. Bass traps can absorb low frequencies, which makes them great for reducing the echoing effect in your recording space.
  2. Foam panels soundproof the space and prevent outside noises from getting into the records.
  3. Diffusers help evenly distribute sound waves in the recording space and prevent them from bouncing off walls.

Choose the Best Headphones

Headphones are essential for podcasting because they allow you to hear your voice while recording. This feedback is crucial for keeping your recordings sound natural.

There are two main types of headphones: over-ear and earbud.

  1. Over-ear headphones are great because they provide a clear and crisp sound. They are also very comfortable to wear for long periods.
  2. Earbud headphones are less expensive than over-ear types but tend to produce a muddier sound. The are also not as comfortable to wear for long periods.

Now that we already know basic equipment requirements, it's time to discover the best apps for making podcasts!

Choose the Best Apps for Making Podcasts

Before picking one of the options available on the market, think about what you need from the app. Do you want something simple to use, or are you looking for more advanced features? It's also important to consider how much money you're willing to spend on the app.

There are many popular podcast recording tools. However, Podcastle is the best! The platform has everything a beginner podcaster needs to get started. It's also very affordable, which makes it a great option for those on a tight budget. Let's dig a bit deeper to see what this software has in its arsenal.

Recording Features

Podcastle has unique recording features that make it easy to record high-quality podcasts and vodcasts. The software comes with an in-built audio editor, allowing users to edit their recordings without prior experience.

The software's adaptive AI technology helps podcasters record anywhere while sounding like they are in a professional studio. This is great for everyone who prefers saving money on recording equipment.

Silence Remover

Podcastle's smart recording feature is convenient for long-form podcasting because it prevents dead air from getting into the final recordings. Podcasters can cut out any silence between words or sentences with just a few clicks using the Silence remover.

Magic Dust

The so-called magic dust is a nice cancellation feature that eliminates background noise from the recordings. This is great for creators who want high-quality recordings without distractions.

Revoice Feature

This is our users' favorite feature, allowing them to turn any written text into a podcast! Sounds like magic, doesn't it?

The revoice feature is perfect for busy podcasters who don't have time to record new episodes on a regular basis. All they need is to type out the script of their future episode, and the software will turn it into a podcast! The secret behind this feature is Podcastle's artificial intelligence, which has 14 ultra-realistic voice skins. Type or upload your text and see how Melissa, Kenny, Logan, Vincent and others turn it into the perfect audio version!

Podcastle is also available on mobile devices, so podcasters can record their episodes on the go! The app has a user-friendly interface perfect for beginners and advanced recording gurus! Overall, Podcastle is one of the best apps for making podcasts!

If you're interested in podcasting, you need to check it out and see that AI can do miracles even for those who are short on resources!

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