50+ Podcast Topics to Save You Months of Brainstorming

Racking your brain day and night to find great ideas for your podcast?

We're here to help! We have some suggestions on good podcast topics that will save you tons of guesswork.

Fun podcast topic ideas

  1. Speak about some cool countries or cities
  2. Tell biographical facts about famous people
  3. Do book or film reviews
  4. Make a coaching podcast and teach your audience something
  5. Start series of interviews with intriguing guests
  6. Tell about your daily chores
  7. Tell stories of a specific genre, such as comedy or horror stories
  8. Organize a Q&A about your profession
  9. Share tastiest recipes
  10. Research and share industry updates
  11. Attend events and do overviews
  12. Become a shopping advisor
  13. Share life hacks
  14. Talk about sports
  15. Give advice on a healthy lifestyle
  16. Make music playlists to share with your audience
  17. Share some business advice
  18. Talk about the tips to stay always motivated
  19. Discuss recent political events
  20. Provide professional consultation for everyday life cases
  21. Discuss celebrities and their public appearances
  22. Share some study-abroad opportunities and tips
  23. Love pets? Talk about them and how to care for them
  24. Update on the latest tech advancements
  25. Dreams talk about your own or delve into the science of weird dreams!
  26. Unsolved mysteries! The internet is full of weird tales...
  27. Bizarre food reviews Buy and review the grossest food you can find!
  28. Conspiracy theories. Believe them or debunk them!
  29. Dollar Store Gems. Review weird and wonderful items you've found.
  30. Board game reviews. Review a different game every week.
  31. TV show rewatches. Pick a show no-one else has covered and review an episode every week!

    A key thing to have in mind is that you can't keep your listeners engaged in your podcast topic if you are not into it yourself. Therefore, while choosing a topic from the options above, remember the golden rule; the best podcast topics are at the intersection of the host's passion and listeners' interests.

According to Statista, the top 5 themes for podcasts include:

1) Comedy
2) News
3) True crime
4) Sport
5) Health and fitness.

Other popular podcast discussion topics include personal finance, horror, conspiracy theories and relationships.

How to choose good topics to talk about on a podcast

1) Analyze data on what episodes are more popular.

2) Speak directly to listeners about what topics they find engaging and listen to feedback that is sent to you.

3) Conduct surveys of what topics are popular and why.

4) Visit online communities like Reddit or on social media to see what topics people are engaging with.

Unique podcast ideas

Looking for some niche podcast ideas? Here's 5 to start you off!

1) Time Travel: A podcast that explores historical events and presents ethical and moral dilemmas that could arise if someone were to time travel and intervene. Each episode could focus on a different time period, discussing the potential consequences of altering history.

2) "Hidden Heroes": Celebrate unsung heroes and remarkable individuals who have made a positive impact on their communities or the world. Share inspiring and heartwarming stories of everyday people who have done extraordinary things.

3) Silent Stories: In this podcast, there are no words. Each episode is an audio collage of sounds and ambient noises from a specific location or event. Listeners are encouraged to immerse themselves in these soundscapes and let their imaginations create the stories.

4) Museum Reviews: Review different museums from around the world giving your tips and highlights. Include history on the museum and details on travel, as well as any funny stories from your trip.

5) "Today in History": A newspaper Rewind that delves into what was in the newspaper in specific days in history. You can get the papers online from archives and then go through interesting or weird stories and contrast with attitudes today.

Solo podcast ideas

Looking for topics you can discuss by yourself? Here's a few:

1) Teach! Share your knowledge with the world. Pick a subject you know a lot about and delve into a different sub-topic each episode.

2) Reviews. You can review books, films, TV shows, musicals, restaurants, anything you think you can offer an interesting opinion on.

3) Dear Diary. Tell us about your week! Any interesting anecdotes, interactions or observations? If you can open up and share your thoughts.

4) Read! Pick something interesting to you, like a book, an article or a play and read it out! You can offer thoughts or commentary as you go along.

5) Give advice. You may not have a guest or co-host, but you can take emails and comments or even just grab people's comments from social networking sites.

Deep podcast ideas

Looking to get a little heavy? Here's some topics for podcasts more on the serious side.

1) Existentialism: Explore the fundamental questions of human existence, purpose, and meaning. Each episode can focus on a different philosophical or existential concept.

2) The Universe: Delve into the mysteries of the universe beyond what we can perceive with our senses. This podcast could explore topics like dark matter, quantum mechanics and multiverse theories.

3) Technology vs. Humanity: Investigate the impact of technology on our mental health, relationships, and society. Discuss topics like digital addiction, the ethics of AI, and ways to find balance.

4) The Future of Work: Examine the evolving landscape of work, automation, and the changing nature of careers. Discuss the ethical, economic, and societal implications of automation, remote work, and the gig economy. Feature thought leaders, futurists, and labor experts.

5) Addiction: Share deeply personal and introspective narratives from individuals who have faced significant life challenges, transformations, or spiritual awakenings related to addictions.

Podcast topics for young adults

Here are some interesting podcast topic ideas for younger people like teenagers or even pre-teens who are interested in podcasting.

1) School Days: Talk about what you know! Give people an insight into what it's like to be a kid in school in the 2020s. What are the pressures, the excitements and the things that are different now.

2) Review Kids' Shows: Most review podcasts are focused on grown-up content, but what about reviewing content aimed at teens? Give your thoughts on what you enjoy and why.

3) Tech Talk: Dive into the latest technology trends, apps, and gadgets that are relevant to kids. Discuss digital safety, coding, and the impact of technology on society and personal life.

4) Now and Then: Why not find yourself an older co-host like a family member and discuss differences between the generations. TV, food, aspirations, whatever has changed from previous generations.

5) Ghost Stories: Who doesn't love to be spooked? Come up with your own scary stories to tell or find classic horror tales that you can read out on the podcast.

A good podcast topic resonates with your target audience

A good podcast should be tied up to the specific needs of your target audience; otherwise, why should they bother consuming it?

So, if you want to have a show with a big fan base, create your listener persona and choose a topic appropriate to them.

Explore your listeners in detail: Who are they? What do they like? What type of content are they more willing to consume?

Once you successfully draw your listener avatar, it will be significantly easier for you to choose a topic that will interest them.

Your show's topic should ignite your passion

That's important.

You should love what you are talking about. Otherwise, your listeners will pick up the lack of enthusiasm you give off in your podcasts, and they will become bored just as bored with it.

Besides, if you talk about something you are passionate about, you will come up with content for new episodes easier. You will not get tired of digging deeper and finding valuable insights into the topic.

Last but not least, your genuine interest in the sphere you are talking about will serve as a magnet for others interested. In this way, you will build a strong community of like-minded people, one of the cornerstones of a loyal audience.

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