20+ Podcast Topics to Save You Months of Brainstorming


You're spotted racking your brain day and night to find a great topic for your podcast.

And we are here to suggest some good podcast topics that will save you tons of guesswork.

But before that, let's discuss the main criteria of a good topic that you must consider if you'd like your show to do well eventually.

A good podcast topic resonates with your target audience

A good podcast should be tied up to the specific needs of your target audience; otherwise, why should they bother watching it?

So, if you want to have a show with a big fan base, create your listener persona and choose a topic appropriate to them.

Explore your listeners in detail: Who are they? What do they like? What type of content are they more willing to consume?

Once you successfully draw your listener avatar, it will be significantly easier for you to choose a topic that will interest them.

How to analyze your audience

  • Analyze data
  • Organize face-to-face meetings
  • Conduct surveys
  • Visit online communities
  • Track feedbacks

Your show's topic should touch your heart

That's important.

You should love what you are talking about. Otherwise, your listeners will pick up the lack of enthusiasm you give off in your podcasts, and they will become bored just as bored with it.

Besides, if you talk about something you are passionate about, you will come up with content for new episodes easier. You will not get tired of digging deeper and finding valuable insights into the topic.

Last but not least, your genuine interest in the sphere you are talking about will serve as a magnet for others interested. In this way, you will build a strong community of like-minded people, one of the cornerstones of a loyal audience.

You must have something new to say

It's not the best idea to repeat what other podcasters in your niche have already said.

Basic information is everywhere nowadays. People can search for anything on Google and get instant answers.

The public lacks some unique content invented by the podcaster and contains intriguing insights that could not be found elsewhere.

If you have a defining difference about your podcast, it will have a much higher chance to succeed.

So, when you are about to settle on podcast topic ideas, ask yourself whether you can provide your listeners with a unique perspective.

Your podcast should have monetization perspectives

Podcast monetization is the goal podcasters come to sooner or later. Therefore, considering whether you can monetize your chosen podcast topic is another must-do step before making a final choice.

Mainly, you should think about:

  • Can you advertise some topic-related products or services?
  • Can you sell your own products in your podcasts?

Besides a product promotion, you can also create some cool podcast merch when you have a loyal fan base that would love to have your show's branded stuff.

Now, let's jump into trending podcast topics of 2021 to pick one for your show.

According to Statista's 2021 reports, the top 5 podcast topics include comedy, news, true crime, sport, and health/fitness. So, if you are specialized in one of these spheres, don't waste time and record your first episode right away.

On Podcastle, you can record high-quality audio and professionally edit your recordings without any equipment, just your laptop.

Do Start your first project now!

Below, you can see some topics that interested podcast listeners the most in 2021.

24 Podcast topic ideas to start with today

  1. Speak about some cool countries or cities
  2. Tell biographical facts about famous people
  3. Do book or film reviews
  4. Make a coaching podcast and teach your audience something
  5. Start series of interviews with intriguing guests
  6. Tell about your daily chores
  7. Tell stories of a specific genre, such as comedy or horror stories
  8. Organize a Q&A about your profession
  9. Share tastiest recipes
  10. Research and share industry updates
  11. Attend events and do overviews
  12. Become a shopping advisor
  13. Share life hacks
  14. Talk about sports
  15. Give advice on a healthy lifestyle
  16. Make music playlists to share with your audience
  17. Share some business advice
  18. Talk about the tips to stay always motivated
  19. Discuss recent political events
  20. Provide professional consultation for everyday life cases
  21. Discuss celebrities and their public appearances
  22. Share some study-abroad opportunities and tips
  23. Love pets? Talk about them and how to care for them
  24. Update on the latest tech advancements

    A key thing to have in mind is that you can't keep your listeners engaged in your podcast topic if you are not into it yourself. Therefore, while choosing a topic from the options above, remember the golden rule; the best podcast topics are at the intersection of the host's passion and listeners' interests.
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