7 Podcast Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Refreshing a page and finding new engagement is one of the best feelings. But what if this isn’t the case? You obviously wouldn’t expect thousands of likes and comments on your first post, but keep in mind that there are marketing mistakes that might hamper your podcast from unfolding its full potential.

Before considering changing anything about the show itself, first look into your podcast marketing strategy and identify the mistakes that you might be making.  Don’t get us wrong—content matters, yet, one of the ways to improve it is through feedback. And in order to get the latter, you need people to see whatever you’ve made. So, podcast marketing mistakes can stop you from reaching your full potential.

But what are those podcast marketing mistakes and how can you avoid them? Well, we have them all covered for you!

Top Podcast Marketing Mistakes

You advertise in the wrong places

Are you spending hundreds of dollars on the Facebook ad, but still have no results? Even if you do your targeting right, and spend hours on choosing just the right audience for your ads, sometimes it might simply not work out. Why? Well, maybe because Facebook isn’t really the platform you should be advertising your show on.

For instance, if your podcast is about the ways you could grow your business and boost your profit, people might not want to hear about it when they are trying to find out some updates on their neighbor’s marital status or their classmate’s trip to Australia.

Instead, it would be much more efficient if you use Linkedin, where most people come for professional and work-related content. Here your podcast about business development would feel at home, and you would get much more ad engagement than you expected. On the contrary, if your podcast is about the latest fashion trends for teens, Linkedin would bring you no listeners, while one small Instagram reel could seal the deal.

So, sometimes it’s okay to disregard your friend’s advice on creating a FB ad, even though he promises that it will multiply your podcast traffic overnight. It might have worked for him, but remember that each podcast's promotion requires a personal approach.

You’re not consistent

Whether it’s in a relationship or your posting schedule, everyone likes consistency. That is the essence of social media and the basis of how it was created. If you are sitting and waiting for your podcast episodes to be found on their own, it might take a very long time. Other than posting regularly, you should also keep track of the analytics. You better use the data and the feedback you get from engagement; that’s key to improving your strategy next time around.

Other than tracking your stats on social media platforms, you can also use the built-in analytical tools if you’re using a podcast hosting platform. For example, Podbean, will give you the opportunity to track and monitor your listeners. Here, you have the option to “auto share”, track statistics of your followers, and receive feedback.

Right place, wrong time

Again, it’s all about making the most of your engagement stats. Your audience isn’t always on their phones and computers, and even when they are, it’s not as easy to get their attention. So make sure to schedule your posts carefully considering the time of the week as well as any holidays or non-working days.

Some of the most active times may not be the most optimal for your content. Even though user activity on social platforms is higher in the evenings; take into consideration that there are considerably more posts yours would have to compete with.

Also, analyzing your own lifestyle makes things simple and logical. For example, on social outings in the evenings, you are less likely to full-on listen to a podcast. In the mornings, people tend to be more aware of what they see and process information with more clarity. That’s also when your potential listeners go to school/work— a great place for your podcast to make its way into their daily commute.

Aiming too high

We’re not here to hold you back from your dreams, we just want to make sure you have a realistic plan to go along with your goals and aspirations. While it makes total sense to get inspired by creators with big names, it can often be hard to figure out their way to success.

Even if you manage to do so, what worked for them may not always work for you. Explore a little bit of everything; find podcasters that make similar content to yours as well as niche creators making content on entirely different topics. Whatever they do, you might find something useful about their strategy and integrate some parts into yours.

Also, don’t be too picky. While it’s good to have a clear target in your mind, in the very beginning it’s best to enjoy the engagement wherever you’re getting it from.

Not having your own website

It’s very common for podcasters to start their show without bothering much about having a website. In fact, most times you don’t really need a website because you could easily go on by posting your show on famous podcast directories. However, at some point, you’ll understand that website could take your podcasting game to the next level. It would make your show look more professional, and would in a way serve as a home for your show.

Your website would also allow you to attract more listeners to your show. You could use it to make landing pages for your marketing campaigns, or stuff it with relevant keywords to push it higher on the SERPs.

And creating a website is not too difficult either. With platforms like WIX or Squarespace, you could easily drag and drop all the necessary sections and create a good-looking website in no time.

Often times the hardest thing about starting a podcast isn’t the creation process, but rather the marketing. There’s no way to avoid it unless you’re planning to keep your content to yourself. There is no reason to avoid it, too. Don’t be intimidated by stats or marketing terms—it’s simply another way to interact with your audience and channel your creativity in the right direction.

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