Podcast Marketing: What You Need To Know To Promote A Podcast In 2023

2021 is here, and we’re all ready to accomplish our new year resolutions more than ever. After staying at home for an entire year, we’re all burning with new ideas and goals for the future. The same goes for your podcast. As this new media outlet is growing in popularity each year, in 2021 you should pay extra attention to it and try to promote it in every way possible and get good reviews!

Don’t worry though we have got you covered. In this article, we’ll write about some of the main ways you can promote your podcast in 2021!

Let’s start with the most important one:

Social Media is Key

We understand that the chances are high that you started a podcast because you wanted a new platform to experiment with as you got too bored with Facebook or Instagram. It’s the right decision, but it does not mean you should abandon social media altogether.

On the contrary, your podcast promotion should primarily be focused on social media. Try to share it on all possible platforms out there: the more you share, the more potential podcast listeners get to know you. But how should you share your content?

Well, try to make soundbites with the most exciting moments of your podcast. Or create a stunning visual that will grab the attention of people while scrolling through their feeds. You can also spread your podcasts via YouTube, turning them into videos. You don’t need much effort here: find an interesting background picture and put your audio over it!

This way, you can also share your YouTube video on Facebook or Instagram. Whichever way you choose, social media promotion will bring you new listeners and help you to grow your audience.

Provide transcripts

This is another hack that helps to promote a podcast. Having a transcription of your podcast makes it more SEO friendly for you. It makes you more visible in Google search results. A lot of popular podcasts provide full transcripts for all of their episodes. You can use these transcripts to create SEO-friendly blogs. These blogs can be optimized with keywords and employing link building efforts can help you drive organic traffic toward your podcast.

However, you can choose to highlight the most significant parts in your transcripts. It will serve more like notes and guides for your listeners.

All this said, it takes a lot of time and energy to transcribe a podcast to text. Just think how much you should struggle with every episode if each of them lasts one hour. A popular solution to this would be to use automatic transcription tools to make it less of a hassle for you.

But you could also go with the vice-versa method. You could convert your text to a podcast with Podcastle and get a natural-sounding speech from any text you provide. Moreover, it gives a humanlike intonation to it, so your listeners would certainly not notice the difference between the AI and a person. This way, you will have your well-written text (which you can also SEO-optimize) out there as a transcript!

Don’t forget the give-aways

This one is simple. People love free stuff. So offer them t-shirts, gift episodes, helpful ebooks, or anything you can think of in return for sharing your content with their friends. Believe us it is a proven method that always works!

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