All You Need to Know About Podcast Promotion

A lot of attention is going towards podcasting nowadays, and downloads actually have gone up even though the pandemic. Podcast promotion can seem to be a daunting feat. But in reality, it is easy peasy if you have your marketing strategy in place, as podcast promotion is a part of your marketing strategy. As a podcaster, you will achieve better results with a bit less effort if all the marketing and promotion techniques you do work together. For instance, if each marketing effort is planned and relevant to the platform you are using for promotion and your target audience, if each episode shows vital strengths of your podcast show, etc. This is so essential that basically, an entire first category of traffic driving tips is this one. There are a couple of essential things that you need to take into account to promote your podcast and draw the masses' attention towards it.

Podcasting Website.

Podcasts need to focus on their websites, which should be key to long-term success. With a website, you can better control SEO efforts and more. You can also better maintain communication with your users around your show through posts, mailing lists, and SEO efforts. Posting transcripts of your episode will get you additional organic traffic from search engines. Also, with a website, you will have more options to monetize and promote your podcast. Podcasters need to improve their SEO.

Social Media Platforms

It's a fact that nowadays, one of the fastest ways to connect with your audience and introduce your podcast to new people is through social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter allow podcasters to find new audiences. Make sure your profiles are optimized on each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) in order for people to know how to find your show, what it's all about, and share new episodes with their friends. The key here is to start with one platform, master it, and then switch to the others. Well, yes, when you are new to podcasting, it's very tempting to start promoting your show across all possible platforms, but that can be destructive. But, it goes without saying that you need to start with one social media platform that you know is the most popular with your target audience, stick with it, and grow from it. Let's say it's Twitter. Find the relevant hashtags that get the most interaction and traction on your topic. If it's Instagram, promote your show both in stories and via relevant hashtags, hype your audience so people can find you, interact, and share.
Create a big buzz through social media. You can offer listeners to suggest topics they would love to listen about via social posts. Also, sharing your episode trailers would keep the engagement rate higher.

Promotion on Youtube

If you want to reach greater audiences and make your listeners' base even bigger, you should have a podcast video or just convert your audio file to MP4s and publish them on Youtube as well. Youtube is one of the largest search engines in the world, and video is the second most popular content type. Тhus Youtube is a great channel to promote your videos / MP4s and reach over 70% of Americans who watch Youtube videos. Moreover, having transcripts of your episodes is great for SEO. Transcription offers your listeners the best of audio and written content, making it more accessible while improving Google and Youtube Search rankings.

Influential Podcast Hosts

Guesting an influential podcaster is essential. If you want a podcaster to invite you to their show, you need to convey the value you can give to their show. Write a story for the podcaster, explain why you and your podcast are unique. Explain why your voice matters in this vast podcasting world. These podcasters are influencers, often trusted and beloved personalities who are considered highly influential by their listeners. Companies previously relied on celebrities to convince potential customers about the benefits of their products. Brands, however, are more often partnering with micro-influencers as they are closer to their target audiences. Respected micro-influencers viewed as experts in their industry can be much more successful in helping you grow a client base. Podcast hosts as those micro-influencers can have good contact with their listeners. They are considered trusted advisors and are successful at promoting other podcasters' shows. Having your marketing strategy and promotion planning in place, rest assured you'll see tremendous growth for your podcast.

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