Popular Podcast Statistics You Must Know For 2024

The word "podcast" might have raised an eyebrow or two in the not-so-distant past. It was a curious term, a fusion of "iPod" and "broadcast," suggesting a world of on-demand audio that many were yet to discover.

But fast forward to today, and the podcasting world has exploded, captivating millions of eager ears across the globe.

But how much do you know about podcasts and their impact on society?

Get ready to be amazed by the incredible world of podcasting, as we will explore some of the most fascinating podcast statistics in this article. We will cover topics from podcast growth and top podcast platforms to future trends in podcasting.

Whether you are a podcast listener, creator, or marketer, these podcast statistics will help you gain valuable insights and inspiration for your podcasting journey.

Pick up your notepads and get ready to learn!

The Explosive Growth of Podcasts

Podcast Growth

Let's dust off the archives to uncover the roots of the audio revolution we all know and love - podcasting.

In the early 2000s, Dave Winer and Adam Curry birthed the concept of podcasting with the creation of Really Simple Syndication (RSS). That was the start.

By 2004, the year  "podcasting" became not just a word but a cultural statement. It ushered in an era where anyone with a microphone and a message could hit the digital airwaves.

Fast forward to 2021, and the impact is seismic. According to Edison’s Infinite Dial, the percentage of Americans who've embraced the podcasting revolution surged from 22% in 2006 to a whopping 78% in 2021. That means more than 222 million Americans have listened to a podcast at least once.

But let's not keep the party confined to the U.S. Globally, the podcast audience as of 2023 was 464.7. Per Statista's 2023 survey, it was projected to hit a mind-blowing 504.9 by 2024, up from 274.8 in 2019.

Now, let's talk sheer volume. There are over 3 million podcasts globally as of September 2023. You will find a jaw-dropping 78 million podcast episodes on Apple podcasts alone.

And the crescendo? The global podcasting market was valued at a cool USD 18.52 billion in 2020, and it's expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.6% from 2021 to 2030.

All these stats are just to show you how far podcasting has grown over the years.

In the following sections, we'll share specific podcast stats, exploring popular industry trends.

How many Podcasts are there?

According to Listen Notes, at least 3,217,616 active podcast accounts are available worldwide. These podcasts altogether have 180,842,780 episodes published since they were created.

See more related podcast stats based on the Listen Notes report below:

Podcasts by language and region


Which year has the highest number of podcasts created so far?

The year 2020 had everyone locked down due to the pandemic. As a result, many people found solace in podcasting alongside other popular online activities. At least 1 million podcasts were created in 2020, making it the year with the highest number of new podcasts.

Previous years all had below 400,000 new podcasts created. Whereas the year 2021 had 737,229 new podcasts.

How many podcasts have stopped working?

Between 2010 and 2023, at least 600,000 podcasts were pronounced dead due to RSS feed deletion or incomplete tag. 2020 had the highest number of deactivated podcasts, with over 120k.

How many podcasts are inactive?

As of 2023, at least 2.5 million podcasts were flagged inactive because they stopped publishing episodes. The years with the most inactive podcasts are 2023, 2021, and 2020, with at least 600k podcasts.

English takes the lead with 1,951,278 million podcasts. After English, the top 5 languages for podcasting are;

1) Spanish- 363,248 podcasts

2)Portuguese- 210,439 podcasts

3) Indonesian - 142,948 podcasts

4) German- 89,411 podcasts

5) French- 71,100 podcasts

Which country has the most podcasts?

The United States has the highest number of podcasts so far, with Brazil coming a distant second. See the top 5 countries below;

1) United States- 2,058,839 podcasts

2) Brazil- 199,680 podcasts

3) Indonesia- 142,988 podcasts

4) Germany - 85,741 podcasts

5) France- 65,192 podcasts

Podcast Listeners Demographics

Whether it's for laughs, learning, or a deep dive into true crimes, podcast fans tune in every now and then to get the scoop!

Here's what the stats say about them:

Demographic diversity

First, let's meet the diverse crowd that makes you the American podcasting fandom, courtesy of the 2023 Edison research:

Monthly podcast listening


Age groups of podcast fans in America monthly

12-34 years old: 55%

35- 54 years old: 51%

55+ years old: 21%

What is the gender distribution of podcast listeners?










There is an increase in listeners from each gender compared to 2022 stats. As of 2022, the monthly podcast fans were 41% of the men and 36% of women. While the weekly podcast listeners were 28% and 23%.

What is the location distribution for podcast listeners?

Urban: 41%

Suburban: 40%

Rural: 19%

Podcast Listening Spots

Next, let's explore the favorite listening spots for podcast users as per the Infinite Dial:

At home: 49%

While driving: 28%

At work: 12%

While walking: 10%

At the gym: 4%

Others: 3%

Podcast consumers listen to their favorite shows with different devices. This is how regular podcast listeners use their gadgets for streaming or listening to podcasts:

1) Smartphone: 73%

2) Computer: 13%

3) Tablet: 11%

4) Smart Speaker: 10%

5) Others: 6%

According to Edison research, many teens and young adults listen to podcasts on their TV while doing things in their houses.

What time do people listen to podcasts?

25% of people listen to podcasts in the morning before 10 AM. During the midday, 26% of podcast listeners tune in from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Between 2 AM and 6 AM, only 3% of people listen to podcasts. These people comprise insomniacs, newborn parents, and those in certain overnight professions.

How many podcast listeners are there?

As of 2023, we're looking at an impressive 464.7 million podcast listeners worldwide.  That is nearly double the number of listeners in 2019.

Here's a table showing the trend of podcast listeners over the past 4 years and presently.


Podcast listeners 


464.7 million


424.2 million


383.7 million 


332.2 million 


274.8 million

It was further predicted that listeners would increase to 504.6 million by 2024.

Here are some facts surrounding 464.7 million podcast listeners, courtesy of Exploding Topics.

On a global scale, nearly one in every five internet users is hooked into the podcast scene.

Zooming in on Sweden, a remarkable 47% of the population there has embraced the podcasting wave, making it a part of their daily routine.

Over 100 million Americans tune in regularly. The average listener in the States is gobbling up eight podcast episodes per week.

Spotify and Apple Music are the heavyweights, boasting a combined listenership of over 60 million.

So, there you have it- 464.7 million listeners and a podcasting landscape that's not just global but diverse, engaging and reshaping how we connect with content.

Podcasts usually specialize in particular niches, from comedy and leisure to business, crime, and education. Based on data collected by Listen Notes in November 2023, the most popular podcast genre is Society and Culture.

Here are the top 10 podcast genres ranked by popularity:


Podcast numbers 

Society and culture








Religion and spirituality 




Health and Fitness 








Surprisingly, the comedy podcasts that were usually the most popular in recent years were not in the top 5.

Podcasters air their shows from music and podcasting apps, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Buzzsprout, and more. Podcast listeners likewise use these listening apps to tune in to their favorite shows.

According to Buzzsprout's February 2023 data, this is the top 10 popular podcast directories for listening and airing:





Podcast Addict 



Your Buzzsprout site 









Buzzsprout Embed Player 



Apple iTunes



Google Podcasts 



Web Browser 






Apple Podcasts 


Check the full list of podcast platform rankings to see where your favorite listening app stands.

Podcast Statistics for Monetization and Revenue

Podcasts can be a serious cash cow for both podcasters and businesses. Think about it: money flows in from ads, sponsorships, subscriptions, donations, merch sales - you name it. Here are some podcast market statistics that you need to know:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience (the most popular podcast show) makes around $100k per podcast episode released. He makes $1.2 million monthly and $14.4 million a year.
  2. The US podcast revenue hit its first $1 billion in 2021. It is expected to reach $4 billion in 2024.
  3. The global podcast market is currently valued at $23.56 billion. It is predicted to have risen to $131. 13 billion by 2030.
  4. Average podcast creators make around $13,450 in a month from ads, sponsorships, and product sales.
  5. 90% of podcast consumers think podcast ads are effective yet only 55% have made purchases influenced by podcast advertising.
  6. 58% will skip podcast ads, while 60% will search for products or services after hearing them in a podcast.
  7. Advertising on a podcast show costs between $10 and $50 on average.
  8. Chapo Trap House, the 2nd top-ranked Patreon podcast, has 42,547 subscribers and makes $178,908 monthly.

Global Reach of Podcasts

Podcasts are not only popular and profitable in the US but also in other countries and regions around the world. It transcends geographical and cultural boundaries and connects with listeners from different backgrounds and interests.

According to Exploding Topics, the top 10 countries by podcast listenership are:

  1. Brazil - 40% +
  2. Republic of Ireland - 40+
  3. US - 34%
  4. UK- 31%
  5. Canada - between 30% and 39%
  6. Australia - between 30% and 39%
  7. Germany - between 20% and 29%
  8. Russia- between 20% and 29%
  9. South Africa- between 20% and 29%
  10. India - between 20% and 29%

The podcast industry is expected to grow and change in the coming years. Here are some trends that are shaping the industry:

1) Podcastle says there is a gradual increase in AI-powered podcasts for content creation, monetization, and personalization.

2) According to Neilson, Podcast ad revenue should hit $2.2 billion in 2023. The same report found that 78% of US consumers don’t mind podcast ads or sponsorship messages.

3) Podcasts that offer a personal touch and a sense of community are becoming increasingly popular. Listeners seek a sense of connection and intimacy with their favorite hosts.

4) Podcasts are no longer just for entertainment. They are being used for educational purposes, marketing, and more. As a result, new markets are opening up for podcast creators.

5) According to a report by Podcast Hawk, podcasting will become mainstream among young demographics.

6) Listeners increasingly seek podcasts catering to their interests. Niche podcasts that focus on specific topics or industries are becoming more popular. Interactive podcasts that allow listeners to participate in the conversation are also gaining traction.

7) The use of live interaction feature is on the rise, giving way for real-time engagement.

8) Podcasts are becoming more data-driven. Creators are using data to create better podcast content and improve the user experience. Data is being used to identify trends, understand listener behavior, and create more engaging content.

9) Podcasting is becoming more popular in countries outside of the US. As a result, more markets are being penetrated by podcasting.

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Wrapping Up!

We trust you've found this article both enjoyable and enlightening and you gained a deeper understanding of podcast statistics and their far-reaching impacts.

Podcasts go beyond mere media. They're an evolving art form with the power to transform our lives and the world. As podcasts continue to grow, so do their possibilities. Explore new shows, create engaging content, leverage podcasts for business, and join the ever-expanding world of podcasting.

Whether you're a fan, podcaster, or business owner, there's never been a better time to join the evolution. Podcasts are here to stay, getting bigger and better.

Explore endless possibilities with Podcastle!

Happy podcasting!

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    Guest Author Bio: Julian Lankstead is the founder of JulianLankstead.com. He helps businesses increase revenue by providing strategies to improve business process efficiency.
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