The Best Language Learning Podcasts

The beauty of foreign language learning is that it transports you to another culture and engages your brain. Everyone has a different preferred way of learning. It is through writing out sentences, reading words, and learning by heart for some people. Others prefer learning with pictures. Another group likes to chat and learn through conversation. Fortunately, there is another perfect solution currently - language learning podcasts. Podcasts are on the rise recently, and it has never been so easy to learn a language during your errands, walking, driving, or running. Podcasts are a perfect source (often free) for language learning, listening to a native speaker, grammar rules, pronunciation, etc. There is a wide variety of podcasts for all types, from teaching your preferred language, walking through vocabulary and grammar, to applicable methodologies teaching you how to learn. Learning a foreign language through podcasts has multiple advantages. You can have your lesson whenever it is suitable for you or during your daily routine. You will improve your pronunciation of words due listening to native speakers. Listening to a language learning podcast for absolutely free will save your time and money. Having all these in mind, let's check out the top podcasts that will help you learn a new language without stretching your schedules or being boring.

1. The Fluent Show

The Fluent Show is a language learning podcast that aims to get you excited about learning many different languages. This is a perfect podcast if you have started learning a language or intend to do so. The inspirational hosts will provide a wide variety of ideas and tips for learning languages. Hosted by Kerstin Cable and Lindsay Williams, this podcast program focuses on anti-racism support and equal rights. Open-mindedness is considered to be one of the core values of language learning.

2. The Actual Fluency

Another helpful language learning podcast is The Actual Fluency Podcast, hosted by Chris Broholm. Each episode of this podcast is featured guests from the industry’s most accomplished language learners, innovators, leaders, and polyglots, who offer various insights into the world of language learning. By listening to this creative podcast, you will dive deep into such topics as constructed languages and minority languages and get inspiration and methodology tips for mastering your new language.   Language learners searching for in-depth and professional information in entertaining and inspiring ways, this Podcast is for you. This Podcast is also for culture lovers and travelers too.

3. News in Slow

This Podcast provides the weekly news in different languages and slowly for you to understand. This Podcast offers in-depth Spanish, German, French, and Italian news. Listening to the information in a foreign language you wish to learn or enhance is a great option, as you will hear native speakers and increase your vocabulary. It is hard to practice your language learning with natives. However, by listening to News in Slow, you'll have the possibility to hear what they are experiencing. You will also enhance your vocabulary with the correct words, often used in current events, news, and topics. You can choose a category for beginners, intermediate, advanced, grammar, expression, and series.

4. Creative Language Learning

The hosts, Kerstin and Lyndsay, bring a mix of inspiring and wonderful guests on to their Podcast, including popular language learning bloggers Olly Richards and Benny Lewis. They discuss current language news and offer three varied tips for the guests to pick their favorite at the end of each episode. The episode ‘I’m Not Dead Yet, So I’d Like to Keep Learning’ is a great example, as the guest, Randy Glover, was 57 when he began to learn a language, and it shows that it is never too late to start. The Creative Language Learning podcast covers various topics, tips, and strategies for language learning at all stages, from a beginner to advanced.

5. 101 series – Innovative Language

The 101 series podcast is the perfect Podcast for those who are about to jump into a new foreign language or those who already are in but want to improve it. By listening to this innovative language learning podcast, you will have a more in-depth understanding of the language is structured and works, how the words are used in context, and the function of each phrase. This Podcast comes with 34 language lessons for everyone and provides a free trial. They have prepared the best library lessons available when you download the app. If you want to reduce your studying time, learn faster, speak better, and have a native-level conversation, this Podcast is your right choice.

6. Culips ESL Podcast

Do you want to improve your English, or start from the start and talk like a native speaker? It is possible only through conversations. The aim of Culips ESL Podcast has come up for help to learn all of the colloquial sayings that most native speakers use and keep updated on all the things that change. You will no longer stress over choosing the right grammar word in the right situation. The high-quality lessons of Culips are free and fun that is provided by expert hosts. Listening to this language learning podcasts is like chatting with a good friend. You will improve your listening skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency with its help. You will also learn about the latest trends and topics concerning English worldwide.

Summing Up

Learning a foreign language is beneficial and challenging, and it has become a must. Of course, there are multiple language learning podcasts out there, and Podcastle has picked up the top ones to make it easy for you.

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