9 Best Educational Podcasts to Expand Your Mind

Learning has never been so easy as now with the help of podcasts. There is so much to explore and learn in our world, from history to psychology, politics to the metaverse. Meanwhile, we are being so busy with our daily work and routine that we have less time to explore the fields we are enthusiastic about. Fortunately, now this problem is solved due to podcasts. Educational podcasts are available for every curious listener and student. They vary in all topics, from art to history, health to finances, technology to science, and are a perfect way to expand our knowledge. The benefit of listening to an educational podcast is that you can go deep into your preferred topic, listen to experts, discover the fundamentals, keep up with the latest news and participate in discussions during your selected day and hour. The on-the-go format of educational podcasts will allow you to learn more during your morning run, driving to work, or having your lunch.
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Educational podcasts are a perfect way to boost your productivity and keep the mind active.

Podcastle has shortlisted the best 15 educational podcasts that will help you to expand your mind.

1. Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) is one of the most popular educational podcasts. It has been running for over a decade and dominates the top charts. SYSK covers everything; no matter your interests are history, science, pop culture, you'll undoubtedly find an episode on it. The co-hosts, Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, go deep into each topic and provide undeniably enjoyable and easy listening. By listening to Stuff You Should Know, you will gain a large portion of information about various topics and participate in entertaining discussions with the co-hosts and different guests.

2. Revisionist History

Revisionist history is a worth mentioning educational podcast. The host Malcolm Gladwell calls it "things misunderstood and overlooked." You will continually find yourself surprised by each topic. One week you will deep-dive into the notorious hug between Sammy Davis Jr. and Richard Nixon, the other week, you may go to the Boston Tea Party story and analyze that. Gladwell is a talented and skillful person who weaves disparate threads together and produces a compelling and unique thesis. By listening to this educational podcast, you will have the opportunity to take lessons from specific historical moments and use them in your daily life.

3. Tim Ferris Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is a unique podcast unlike the other. The host Tim Ferris, an entrepreneur and author, interviews special guests who usually refuse to give interviews, including Maria Popova, Rick Rubin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. During the exciting episodes, Tim deconstructs the routines of expert performers to provide you with helpful information, tactics, and news. Many self-development podcasts are trying to copy this show, but it stays unique due to its excellent content.


4. Radiolab

If you are enthusiastic about science and philosophy, then Radiolab will be a perfect solution for you. This podcast aims to investigate our strange world and make science accessible to everyone through podcasts. The hosts, Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad invite investigative journalists and approach sensitive and complex topics like morality, time, legal history, etc. The show is known for its innovative sound design, combined with the information, light-hearted and friendly format that will make your listening exciting.

5. Encyclopedia Wommanica

Encyclopedia Wommanica is an excellent podcast about incredible women throughout history. Like its naming, it is a kind of women's encyclopedia that reveals the stories of women across different cultures, centuries, and countries whose life was eclipsed by historical narratives. During the exciting episodes, you will learn about the triumphs, trials, and contributions of remarkable women from various fields of life, including poets, celebrities, queens, activists, and more. The short episodes of this educational podcast come up every weekday and will undoubtedly inspire for the whole day.

6. 99% Invisible

One of the most popular educational podcasts is 99%, which designs the shape and explores the unnoticed architecture of our world. The Host, Roman Mars, provides engaging, informative, and expertly produced shows with his mellow and rich voice. The show will light up your curiosity through innovative topics like artificial intelligence, the McMansion phenomenon, the story of curb cuts, and more. There is always something exciting and unknown surrounding us, and you should explore it and keep you listening.

7. 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

If you want to go deep into the fundamentals of the combination of science and economy, 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy is the right educational podcast for you. The host Tim Harford comes with a great show from BBC News World Service that explains how the current technology has changed, evolved, and adjusted our world economy. During the amusing episodes, you will listen to such topics as Chess Algorithms, Slot Machines, and more.

8. How I Built This

This is an excellent show about the success stories of the world's famous companies. The host, Guy Raz, dives deep into the stories about different entrepreneurs, innovators, and idealists and the movement they built. It is fascinating how the big names we know made their fame, what difficulties they faced and how they came to fame. So, tune in to explore it with Guy.

9. Reply All

This podcast is about the Internet and people and how they shape each other. It is an original exploration of modern life and ways to survive it. Reply all is produced by Gimlet Media and is hosted by Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt. So, if you want to understand how the Internet shapes our lives, check out this educational podcast.

There are plenty of other exciting and helpful educational podcasts, and we just picked up 9 of the best ones. We hope at least one of the shows from the list has piqued your curiosity.

Happy Listening!

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