Top 8 Podcasts for Moms to Raise Successful Adults

Motherhood is the sweetest and the hardest role for every woman. You should love your kids unconditionally and not spoil them; always be there for your children butteach them independence, all at the same time. On the other hand, you want to allocate time for your personal and professional growth and carry roles other than just  "mommy."

So, what's that perfect balance between family and work, and how should you treat your kids to be sure they're going to be successful adults?

Even though this question is highly debatable, exploring some insights by field professionals is definitely going to give you some ideas. We've collected the eight best podcasts for moms to guide you through one of the most crucial paths of your life.

#1 Motherhood Sessions

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Motherhood Sessions is hosted by psychiatrist Dr. Alexandra Sacks, who dares her guests to discuss sensitive topics during the show. The episodes sound like honest and compelling conversations that can resonate with many women. Alexandra tries to help women in their journey of shifting to motherhood from their independent life. The show starts with a confession of Zoe, a woman who tells her hard story of motherhood. She was left alone without the co-parenting help and went through a tough recovery from the latter situation.

#2 Moms Don't Have Time to Read Books

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This podcast's host is Zibby Owens, a mother of four who knows the ropes of motherhood from her own experience. Zibby is also a publisher and author who regularly conducts inquisitive interviews with different field experts. The podcast started in 2018 and has won the hearts of millions of people. The show's concept was further developed in other formats, such as an online magazine, virtual book club, a publishing house, and two anthologies.

#3 The Mom Hour

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The Mom Hour is run by two experienced moms - Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers. They have eight kids of different ages, making them experienced in dealing with children of any age and development stage. The Mom Hour is a weekly conversation about the practical tips for moms to enjoy their motherhood rather than stress over the mom life. The show might not be the place where you'll get expert consultation, but you will certainly find solutions to many of your real-life problems.

#4 Mom Enough

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What about listening to parenting advice from a mother and a daughter? If the idea seems fascinating to you, tune into the Mom Enough podcast, where developmental psychologist Dr. Marti Erickson and her daughter Dr. Erin Erickson discuss a large spectrum of motherhood-related topics. You can find episodes dedicated to confronting the daily joys and helping kids grow well as well as tips to keep work and family balanced. Mom Enough can be freely called one of the best podcasts for working moms.

#5 I Can't Mom Today

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I Can't Mom Today consists of short episodes, each around 20 minutes long. As described by podcast hosts, it's because moms do not have time to listen to longer shows. The podcast is mainly dedicated to first-time moms, who often think they are the only ones struggling with motherhood. Through these short and sweet podcast episodes, you will get a fresh perspective  at your own mom's "failures" and realize that many women are facing the same challenges.

#6 Plus Mommy Podcast

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Plus Mommy Podcast explores the nuances of plus-size pregnancy and motherhood. It aims to teach women to love their bodies during and after pregnancy and live a self-sufficient life. The show is hosted by author and public speaker Jen McLellan, who often invites guest experts from different countries. The idea of creating a community in support of body positivity arose back in April 2011, when Jen launched the Plus Size Mommy Memoirs. Later, she turned her award-winning blog into a podcast, as she wanted a deeper and more natural conversation with her followers.

#7 Unstoppable Moms Health and Fitness

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If you think a healthy lifestyle is not compatible with the chaotic schedule of new moms, Caroline Breen is here to break those stereotypes. In the Unstoppable Moms Health and Fitness show, she provides tips for balancing a fitness routine and a healthy diet with the many parental responsibilities. If you want to lose the extra weight after a pregnancy or adopt a healthy diet culture for you and your whole family, this is one of the best podcasts for moms to listen to.

#8 Super Mother Unleashed

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Tune in to Super Mother Unleashed and let Soma Thakur share her advice on child-mother's health and lifestyle. Soma is one of the most popular coaches in India, who frequently talks about healthy cooking, immunity boosters, and many day-to-day problems of moms. If you're struggling to nail your motherhood responsibilities and simultaneously achieve your milestones, Super Mother Unleashed is one of the best podcasts for moms to listen to. The show covers everything going behind the curtains of what it takes to be a super mother.

Let's sum up, Moms!

Powerful women create the above podcasts for other powerful women who simply need help unleashing their multitasking abilities. If you ever feel down or get stuck on your motherhood path, tune in to any of the above shows to get advice and motivation to continue your amazing journey. Never forget that motherhood is one of the best gifts in life, and enjoy it to the fullest, regardless of the challenges it might bring.

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