Top Benefits of Promoting Your Older Podcast Episodes

Are you making the most of your older podcast episodes by promoting them on social media? We are referring to the episodes that you carefully recorded, edited, uploaded, and promoted on social media… but after that, you're just left them to sit in your feed. Investing so much time and effort developing an episode just to have it languish in the archives isn't helping you — or your listeners! Whether you're a beginner podcaster with a few episodes or a seasoned podcast host with a large archive, this is a promotional technique you should use instead with every episode, all year long.

Reasons to Promote Older Podcast Episodes

You'll accomplish a few things when you mention/promote previous episodes:

  • You notify newer listeners and followers about an episode they might not have heard yet.
  • Because some of those listeners will go back and download a previous episode, you'll see an increase in new podcast downloads.
  • If you interviewed a guest on an episode, continue to promote their episode to show them how much you appreciate their time
  • Your social media feed will be filled with podcast-related updates.

The more new listeners you can encourage to download previous episodes, the more likely they are to subscribe to your podcast and interact with you elsewhere online (your website, your social feed, your newsletter). These additional factors are equally as important as download numbers if you're looking to obtain podcast sponsors.

How to promote older podcast episodes

Here are the top simple methods for promoting older podcast episodes. These strategies won't cost you a cent and are quite simple to implement.

Mention your previous episodes in the new ones

The audio of your most current episodes is the easiest approach to promote earlier programs. There are typically simple ways to link your current episode to a previous one. If your podcast is on a certain topic or is a "how-to" show, you should tell your listeners about past episodes on a regular basis and encourage them to check it out. This way you can drive more traffic to your old episodes, and give more value to your new audience through related content.

Make a follow-up episode

Your follow-up episode should add to what has been delivered in the first episode by providing additional information to grow your podcast audience. You can bring a guest back, make a connection between current events and the previous episode, or simply discuss what you've learnt since recording it. Make sure to mention the ORIGINAL episode at the start of the NEW episode and encourage people to go back and listen to it if they haven't already.

Make a weekly social media post regarding a previous episode

If you haven't been living under a rock, you're probably aware that social media is a must-have for practically anyone looking to build a public following or advertise a product.

You, the new podcaster, are included in this!

But don't be concerned. To do social media properly, you don't need to be a social media specialist. Choose a day of the week to promote your old podcast  episodes episode (it's kind of like your own version of #TBT).

If you have a large archive of old episodes, you already have the basis for an "A Year Ago on the Podcast" campaign. Schedule 30 minutes per month to go over your podcast episodes from the previous year's similar month. You have four episodes to market this month if you post one episode per week.

Make a good use of cross-promotion

Make contact with other related podcasts and recommend that you both mention each other on your own broadcasts. If they have a pre-planned topic that relates to your old podcasts and can add value to their content, mentioning your old podcast will be a win-win situation for both of you. As a result, each of you will be exposed to a new group of listeners and increase traffic.

Additional tips

Diversifying the format and channels for your content should be a part of your podcast promotion strategy. You'll be able to reach as many potential listeners as possible this way. Repurposing is also a simple approach to creating more material without having to start from scratch every time.

Consider the following repurposing options for your content:

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