Best AI Singing Music Apps

Need to make the AI voices sing? You can do that! Whether you’re a music producer looking for an AI to sing your newly written songs, or just want to have some fun with artificial intelligence, these AI music apps are exactly what you need.

Types of AI Singing Music Apps

AI music apps usually come in two forms. Some of the apps might have both of these technologies. Let’s take a look at each:

Vocal Synthesis: Transforming Lyrics into Song

Vocal synthesis technology has come a long way in recent years, allowing users to input lyrics and melodies and have them sung by AI-generated voices. These systems analyze the text and melody to produce natural-sounding vocal performances, opening up a world of possibilities for music creators.

Interactive Music Creation with AI Singing Music Apps

Beyond simply generating music tracks, some AI singing music apps offer interactive features that allow users to collaborate with AI-generated vocalists in real-time. These platforms provide intuitive interfaces where users can input melodies, lyrics, and other parameters to create custom vocal performances on the fly.

5 Best AI Singing Music Apps Online

Amper Music

Amper Music offers an AI-powered music composition platform that can generate custom music tracks in various styles and moods. While it's not specifically for singing, it can be a valuable tool for music producers looking to create backing tracks or instrumental compositions.

OpenAI's Jukebox

Jukebox is an AI model developed by OpenAI that can generate music in various styles and genres, including singing. It's capable of generating both music and lyrics, making it one of the best AI music apps music producers.


Landr offers AI-powered music mastering services, but they also provide a feature called "Collabs" where users can collaborate with AI-generated vocalists. This can be useful for music producers looking to add vocals to their tracks without hiring a vocalist.


Vocaloid is a software synthesizer that enables users to create singing voices by inputting melodies and lyrics. It's widely used in the music industry for creating vocal tracks, and there are various Vocaloid voices available in different languages and styles.


Synthesia is an AI-driven platform that can generate realistic-sounding piano performances from MIDI input. While it's primarily focused on piano music, it can be useful for composers and producers looking to create accompaniments for vocal tracks.

Using AI Voice Generators for Singing

AI music apps are like having a bandmate who's always ready to jam! Whether you're a seasoned producer crafting the next chart-topper or a hobbyist exploring your creative instincts, these apps offer endless possibilities.

From transforming lyrics into catchy melodies with vocal synthesis to collaborating with AI vocalists in real-time, the journey of music creation becomes an adventure.

With options like Amper Music providing customizable backing tracks and Vocaloid offering a diverse range of singing voices, the creative landscape expands. Even platforms like Synthesia, though primarily focused on piano music, can add depth and richness to vocal tracks.

These AI music apps serve as invaluable tools for expression and innovation. So, grab your headphones, unleash your imagination, and let the music flow – the future of music-making is here, and it's harmoniously AI-powered.

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