Find Your Podcasting Family on Audry

As you might guess, a free podcast creation platform such as Podcastle is all about making an impact and providing the best environment for the podcasting community to grow. Luckily, we're not working on this mission alone.

Meet Audry, a platform that values collaboration helping the podcasting community stay connected. There are quite a few things that make Audry an irreplaceable tool when it comes to growing your network, exchanging experiences with fellow podcasters, and diversifying your content. Are we going too fast? Let's start from the beginning. Audry is a free platform that brings podcasters together with the mutual goals of growing their audiences and exploring new ways of communication. They put collaboration at the forefront of becoming a successful podcaster, and we can't agree more. Whether you've just launched your podcasting career or 'been in business' for a while, you need new connections and the community regardless.  

On a digital medium, you should grow your network digitally as well. For the busy ones, Audry is the perfect place to maneuver around the community and make outreach as effective as it gets. With more than 12,000 podcasters onboard, someone's unique success story has to become a turning point for you, too. Published authors, entrepreneurs, stand-up comedians, and complete newbies have gathered here to connect, brainstorm, and build upon each other's experiences.  No matter how niche your topic is, you'll find like-minded creatives on Audry. From mental health and superheroes to the ins and outs of the music industry, all these creators have gathered here for the sole purpose of growing and connecting.

Besides empowering your own unique story or looking for collaborators to cross-promote, the platform is also full of open-minded people who have taken the same path as you but with completely differing perspectives. So where better to find exciting guests for your next podcast episode, if not on Audry?

  • Create your free profile: Get creative when introducing yourself. Audry fills in some of the blanks for you. As for the rest, you're welcome to describe yourself, your podcast, and what you're looking for on the platform. Make sure your profile reflects how creative you are.
  • Discover the community: You can search directly or browse through sounds of creators and filter by any category or activity that interests you. Watch a couple of recent episodes, learn about the person behind the screen and finally, reach out to them.
  • Connect: Now, it's time to take matters into your own hands! A simple conversation might lead to great things. On Audry, it most likely will. Swap some ideas, plan a cross-promotion, or make them your next interview guest.

This platform is always on the hunt for interesting stories, growth-hacking strategies and collaborations with other brands in the field—all to make podcasting easy and accessible for everyone.

If you're looking for more sources of inspiration, Audry's blog will be of great help on your journey of growth. Find helpful tips, interviews, a plethora of opportunities, and a vast community of podcasters—all on Audry.

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