Blockchain Unchained! Top Podcasts to Follow In 2022

The blockchain is a technological institution that fundamentally has changed how we exchange value. Take a look at our list of top podcasts to stay up-to-date on the insights and latest trends in the blockchain space. Listen to what blockchain engineers and field are talking about current developments as well as the future of blockchain and decentralization.

1. Unchained

The Unchained blockchain podcast, hosted by a former senior editor at Forbes and one of the first mainstream reporters to cover crypto comprehensively, Laura Shin, covers a lot of ground, from talks with industry experts, initiators, founders, and pioneers. Topics vary from crypto philanthropy, how blockchains will change the way money is earned, spent, and invested to more topical discussions such as the recent NFT trend in the world of contemporary art, how can pro-bitcoin platform help in a congressional race, or how a coding school for girls in Afghanistan called “Code to Inspire” has led to the promotion of crypto payments in the worn-torn country as a better alternative to PayPal and Western Union.

2. BlockChannel

The BlockChannel, is a blockchain podcast focused on educating people on the power of blockchain-based technologies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Handshake, etc. Topics include insights on crypto investing, scam filtration, sustainable crypto business, bitcoin development, etc.

3. Blockchain Insider by 11:FS

The Blockchain Insider, hosted by Simon Taylor and Colin G Platt, is a bi-weekly podcast specializing in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and its technology. During the show they break down the latest news with expertise and enthusiasm for the blockchain and digital currency sector. Tune in to Blockchain Insider if you want to stay updated on Bitcoin and Blockchain topics, such as NFTs, Stablecoins, fintech, crypto, etc. You will also know how to use such tools as bitcoin calculator, that will help you making online purchases and transfer your cash into cryptocurrency.

4. The Blockchain Show

The Blockchain Show podcast is a weekly series that sheds light on cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology. This blockchain podcast will help you to get diversified in the field of blockchain. It covers a range of topics such as Coinbase, blockchain-based digital advertising platform, crypto community, electricity production problems related to Bitcoin mining, minimization of the energy requirements for a more sustainable blockchain mining, etc.  


5. Insureblocks

Insureblocks, hosted by Walid Al Saqqaf, is a weekly blockchain podcast focused on blockchain technology, distributed ledger technology, smart contracts in the insurance industry. The host invites expert speakers from incumbents to the most promising start-ups in London, Zurich, New York, and around the world. Insureblocks blockchain podcast is the best way to understand the basics of blockchain learn more about what insurance companies have done, their learnings, concepts, and the final results. Topics include Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), confidential computing tackling human trafficking, NFTs, Pharmaceutical blockchain consortium, etc.

6. The Future of Money, Governance and the Law

The Future of Money, Governance & the Law is a podcast hosted by the Government Blockchain Association that promotes blockchain technologies by empowering individuals and organizations to connect, collaborate and communicate in order to solve public sector challenges we face around the world. Topics covered during the show include next-generation voting systems and the standards behind them, decentralized IDs and the Data Economy, etc.,

7. Blockchain Gaming World

Blockchain Gaming World weekly podcast, hosted by Jon Jordan, provides its listeners with the latest trends and updates in the field of gaming using blockchain technology. Jon is having discussions with guests on talking blockchain games, blockchain as gaming’s next cycle, etc.

8. Go Beyond Disruption

The Go Beyond Disruption blockchain podcast talks about crucial trends in blockchain, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc., by giving insights on the emerging technologies and the transformations that are going to happen due to them.

9. Blockchain Pro Podcast

The Blockchain Pro Podcast is hosted by Adriana Belotti. She talks to people who have made a career switch to work in the blockchain space, discussing their crypto journey and pro tips and Interviewing professionals with various backgrounds and fields who are building a decentralized future.

10. Zero Knowledge

The Zero Knowledge blockchain podcast is hosted by Anna Rose and Fredrik Harryson, both working in the blockchain industry. This podcast goes deep into the tech community, researching and building blockchain technology and development.

11. BlockHash | Exploring the Blockchain

The BlockHash | Exploring the Blockchain podcast is about the fantastic world of Blockchain technology. Tune in to learn more and stay updated on what is happening in the blockchain community and how to get involved in this rapidly growing industry.

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