4 Person Podcast Setup Equipment Checklist

Today, podcasting is like an alternative blog that helps you spread your ideas and share your experience with the target audience. One of the most appealing things about podcasting is its portable and convenient format. Podcasts enable people to multitask, and consume your content while driving, exercising or doing their daily chores.

As your show becomes more popular, and your audience increases, the necessity of hosting the podcast on such platforms as iTunes, Amazon Podcast, Deezer and others grows. Having a successful podcast means you can have co-hosts and notable guests to cover even broader topics.

Nowadays, anyone can start recording their show with just a suitable laptop for podcasting. However, keep in mind that besides having a laptop, you’ll also need decent audio recording and editing gear. Having more people talking on the show means adjusting your equipment and managing the process efficiently.

Multi-person podcast setups

To begin with, for a four-person podcast setup, you’ll need four separate microphones and a set of headphones for each speaker. Headphones are essential, especially during drop-ins, because every participant needs to hear the same thing while recording.

Make sure you have an audio interface with four XLR inputs. With such equipment, you just plug all your microphones in, and through podcasting software, have all four mics recorded as separate tracks. This brings more flexibility and the highest performance during editing.


Who is Who?

In the frames of creating a shared podcast, you can have genuine and engaging conversations. But don’t forget the more people you invite to your show, the more spontaneous and maybe even chaotic it will become. The optimal number of participants suggested is four or under. Having more people talking in one episode will make it harder for your audience to hear and fully understand each speaker.

Another reason for having a limited number of guests is the challenging and complicated editing process. Give your guests the majority of your air time. Sometimes, the hosts may “forget” about their guests and talk for several minutes while their guests  haven’t said a word. Remember, as long as you have a guest, it is their time to shine.

Starting podcasting is a huge step if you want to become an authority in your sphere. For instance, if you are running an eCommerce business, podcasting can serve as an effective tool that will help you stay in touch with your listeners, i.e. your potential customers. Besides building a reputation and becoming a trustworthy expert, you can also use podcasting to promote your products and services. Sounds useful, right?

What Else Do I Need for a Four-Person Podcast Setup?

You already know that the essential tools for starting a podcast are microphones, headphones (one for each speaker), laptops, and audio interfaces. Although seeing each other while talking is no less important. Even while recording an audio podcast, try to create an open-space environment where your hosts and guests are able to see each other. Try this, and the quality of your show will only increase. Still not sure why to do this? Imagine a situation when four people are involved in a conversation, and one of them has something to say but is too polite to interrupt the others. As a result, this person will remain silent for quite an extended period, and when it’s finally their turn to speak, the thing they wanted to say may no longer be relevant to the conversation. Recording in an open space where speakers can maintain constant eye contact will make your podcast more dynamic.

Imagine another situation when one of your guests experiences some difficulties keeping up with the pace of the conversation. With the ability to see everyone involved in the talk, you can quickly “tell” them to slow down or pick up the pace through nonverbal gestures. We don’t want to make impolite remarks concerning the guests in front of our audience, do we?

But what happens if not everyone can be present while recording?

Don’t panic! Modern technologies have you covered even for such cases! The global pandemic brought an array of challenges, one of them having many people at once in the same room. If all your podcast speakers are in different locations, the best you can do is organize an online meeting via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or good old Skype. The final quality of your recording will depend on each speaker’s equipment and setup settings. For better quality and convenience, you can use Podcastle, available both on web and iOS. Its remote interview feature will allow you to receive a separate recording for each of your guests, all while enjoying a seamless group call experience. However, keep in mind that the quality depends on each participant’s Internet connection.


Podcast setups may vary. What matters is choosing an equipment kit that fairly satisfies the format you’ve chosen. No matter the topic, podcasting is a relaxing occupation, so make sure both you and your guests are having a lovely time. Having the essentials will remove the technical challenges and help you focus on providing  your audience with creative content.Check out Podcastle’s articles about Podcast Starter Kit and All the Podcast Equipment You Need to get more practical advice on choosing the best equipment for recording successful and top-quality podcasts.

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