Deezer Podcast Submission Process Simplified For You

Is your podcast’s target audience from France, Brazil, Germany, Latin America, or the Middle East? If at least one of the mentioned locations worked for your podcast, then you should publish it in Deezer.

Although not as popular as Apple podcasts or Spotify, Deezer is still a good choice. In fact, Deezer is considered among the best podcast streamers globally.

But how exactly can you submit your show to Deezer?

We have the guide to help you out, but first, let’s understand better:

What is Deezer?

Deezer is an audio streaming platform of French origin. It allows streaming more than 73 million music tracks, along with podcasts and radio. Thanks to its convenient interface and large library, it’s one of the top choices for most audio consumers.

Deezer became popular in 2015 with its feature-rich free version, which was widely accessible.

You can stream audio in Deezer from your desktop, mobile, and even smartwatches. What’s more, the platform has an app both for iOS and Android.

All you need to stream audio with Deezer is to sign up; there is no registration fee. The only disadvantage of the app is that there are unskippable advertisements in between the audio tracks.

If you want to get rid of them, there is the  Deezer Premium, which costs £11.99 per month and allows you to listen to any content without interruption.

Deezer for podcasts

You can access podcasts in Deezer in one of the following ways:

  • Type the name of the show in the search bar
  • Head to podcasts tab

Should you have your podcast submitted to Deezer?

Today, Deezer is one of the top audio streamers out there. So, if you don’t want to lose more than 16 mln listeners from around 220 countries, you should consider using the platform.

Besides, if you invite your listeners to stream your show on Deezer, you will provide them with a convenient platform. Deezer podcasts allow listeners to search, filter, and categorize their podcast playlists․

How does Deezer’s podcast submission work?

The podcast submission on Deezer requires you to complete the following four steps.

Step 1: Submit your RSS feed to the Deezer podcast submission page

Podcasts are not distributed like other types of content, meaning you can’t directly import the audio file from your device to a podcast directory. Instead, as your first step, you need to submit an RSS feed URL in your podcast directory.

The RSS feed contains all your podcast episodes. When you submit it to a podcast directory, all your episodes get automatically uploaded to the directory.

So, head to Deezer’s podcast submission page and copy/paste your RSS feed address in the appropriate section.

Step 2: Validate the submission of your RSS feed

We hope you provided podcast hosting with an up-to-date email address, as after you submit your RSS feed, you should validate it via a code sent to your email account.

When you receive the validation code, copy/paste it in the appropriate section and click "Next".

Step 3: Fill in the primary podcast information

This is the step that you should complete in the final stages of your podcast submission. Yes, we're talking about setting up your podcast account and filling in the main details you want to be displayed.

The main sections you should take care of are the following:

  • The podcast title can be either your personal name or an invented pseudonym.
  • Information about you and other co-hosts if present.
  • Your podcast genre to help the platform filter your show and find you, interested listeners.
  • Titles for each episode help listeners better understand which one they want to play first.
  • Cover art to add to your show a visual element and improve the branding.

Step 4: Final check

Once you complete the above steps and submit your podcast, you should ensure everything works well and that your show is live.

Note that it takes two days before your podcast is completely available to the public. On the first day, your show is available for you and those who have a link to your podcast account. Another additional day is needed to make the show available in the search directories of Deezer.

Contact Deezer's support if your podcast still has availability issues after the two days of submission.

That's it for Deezer! Now you have a guide that will allow you to appear on one of the most popular podcast directories and increase your listenership. However, Deezer is not the only platform to submit your podcast to. If you need a thorough online presence for your show, you should also consider other directories where the listeners go to find audio content.

Check our guide on the top podcast directories to help you choose the next platforms for your show.

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