All The Podcast Equipment You Need Starting From Just $11.99

How many items do you imagine when thinking about the podcast equipment you need? A microphone, a pair of high-priced headphones, and surely a laptop, but what about the other gear you need to edit your recording?

You can get stuck when wading through reviews and choosing the whole arsenal  for your home studio, as there are tons of brands and seemingly identical products.

So, what podcast equipment for beginners should you purchase?

Read on to find out the best kits with optimal prices. Luckily,we’ve done the research for you.

#1 Microphone

Sure thing, a microphone is the first item you should worry about if you want to record a show.

There are several characteristics you should consider before choosing a mic:

1) USB microphones allow you to connect to your computer and automatically save your recording on it. If you want to record multiple speakers at once, you should use XLR microphones, which allow you to connect up to three microphones simultaneously.

2) Dynamic mics are not sensitive to background noises, but they also have a flatter, less crisp sound. Condenser microphones, on the contrary, catch even the smallest ambient noises and high frequencies.

So, which mic should you choose?

USB dynamic microphones are the most recommended for beginners.

Audio-Technica ATR2100x - USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone from the ATR series is one of the best options.

Buy it for $99 at Amazon

#2 Pop Filter

Have you ever heard that unpleasant plosive sound that comes afterward with P or T? That echoing voice after certain letters appear because there is no pop filter or windscreen in place to make the sound smoother.

In simpler words, a pop filter is a sponge-like item you can often see on the upper part of microphones. Usually, microphones have one in a bundle. If not, we highly recommend buying a pop filter.

It’s cheap, easy to set up, and makes your audio recording way clearer. Therefore, it’s another piece of equipment needed for your podcast.

Here is a good option for an on-stage foam ball-type microphone windscreen.

Buy it for $ 3,95 at Amazon

#3 Acoustic treatments

Depending on where you record your podcast, you might also need to remove echo.

Acoustic panels, as an example, are a great solution. It’s like a wall made from foam, with the help of which you isolate yourself from the rest of the room.

However, acoustic panels are useless if you record in a non-empty room. For example, if you have a wardrobe, bookshelf, and other furniture in your room, there most likely won’t be any echo in your audio recording.

However, if you’re going to record in empty spaces, the panel is a worthy investment.

This microphone isolation shield might be exactly what you need.

Buy it for $59,99 at Amazon

# 4 Noise-canceling headphones

For every successful podcast, quality recording is only half the battle. To make a show completely ready for distribution, you should also properly edit it.

Noise-cancelling headphones will allow you to catch even the smallest details in the show which need to be cut or modified. That’s why headphones are another necessary element on your list of podcast equipment.

The wireless headphones from Sony are a great option. Their digital noise canceling function allows you to capture any detail from your recording without distracted.

Buy it for $34,97 at Amazon or check our special guide for other options.

Podcast equipment bundle

If you don’t want to purchase all items separately and are looking for an all-in-one, more affordable option, you can choose one of the starter kits below. Even though you may end up purchasing items that you won’t use that much as a beginner, you can’t go wrong with a pre-made bundle that has everything you may need.

Here are some options we suggest you start with.

Audio-Technica Consumer ATR2100x-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone Broadcasting Kit

This podcast equipment bundle costs just $124.16 and includes several pieces:

1) a USB/XLR microphone
2) broadcast arm
3) mic clip and tripod desk stand
4) monitor headphones
5) USB extension cable
6) headphone port with volume control

Buy it now

Rode PodMic Microphone with USB Interface and Broadcast Arm Kit

This bundle includes less equipment compared to the previous one. However, it allows you to have all the necessary items for a quality recording. The bundle costs $249.99 and includes:

1) a dynamic Microphone
2) broadcast arm with cable
3) USB audio interface for Mac/Windows

Buy it now

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Gen 3 Podcasting Kit with Rode PodMic, Headphones & Cables

If you want to go the extra mile and acquire podcast equipment that will allow you to record and edit your show, this bundle is a great option. By acquiring it for $ 299.95, you will receive the following items:

1) 2-Channel USB interface
2) broadcast Arm with XLR
3) Rode PodMic
4) closed-back headphones
5) pop filter
6) ISA air setting
7) preamp for a microphone

Buy it now

A no-equipment option that’s a fair compromise

Here is an excellent option if you don’t want to deal with equipment but still want to enter the podcasting world.

Podcastle is a podcasting software that allows you to record and edit a high-quality podcast requiring only one piece of equipment - your laptop.

Here are the main features you can use for absolutely free:

1) Record a show from scratch, and edit it with ease..
2) Record remote interviews no matter where your guests are.
3) Remove the background noises and make your voice smoother.
4) Add intro and outro music to make your show more engaging.

Whether you choose to purchase equipment or try out a free podcast creation platform, now there’s nothing holding you back from sharing your ideas in the audio realm.

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