3 Mistakes in Podcasting that make you lose your audience's attention

Do you feel like your audience gets easily distracted from your podcast? Is it hard to follow your episodes sometimes? Are your listeners not interested enough? This means that you still have a place to improve your podcast and make it more simple for your listeners to follow.

In this blog post, we have figured out the three main mistakes in podcasting that disturb the flow of your show. Without further adieu, let’s jump to our list:

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Not having a transcript on the website is one of the most common mistakes in podcasting. Some assume podcasting itself is all about audio. Having a text on the website seems counterintuitive. However, the truth is that the transcript helps your listeners to follow you more smoothly.

Many of the listeners might get distracted for a couple of minutes while listening. When you have a transcript on the page, they can easily find their way back to the podcast. Having a text also helps your listeners to recap the podcast after they have listened to it.

If your podcast is educational or informative, you can highlight the most fundamental parts in the text so that your podcast audience can review it afterward.

But how do you get a text from your podcast? No, you do not have to transcribe it yourself: we have an easier option. With adaptive AI technology, you can turn your text to speech and vice versa.

Let’s say you have recorded your podcast. All you have to do is use the powerful text-to-podcast tool. It automatically makes the transcription of your recording. Of course, this works the other way around too.

You can use the text-to-podcast tool to turn your script into a ready podcast in no time. As you see, the conversion of text to speech and vice versa is simple: so do not ever come up with an excuse not to include transcriptions on your page.

Poor quality of audio

Another aspect of podcasts that can easily distract your listeners is the poor quality of your audio. It is a little annoying to follow a podcast that has some technical issues or background noise. Many of the listeners might find it unprofessional and switch to a different podcaster.

However, this does not mean that you need to undergo an intricate audio recording and editing process. Instead, you can fix these types of mistakes in podcasting with an AI-powered platform, and make it do the hard work for you. Many podcast creation services, like ours, for instance, provide audio recording and editing tools where you can make even your phone recordings sound pretty professional.


Finally, the last one on our list of common mistakes in podcasting is inconsistency in your publication schedule. If you do not post your episodes regularly, the chances are that many of your listeners will stop sticking with you. So make sure none of your podcast episodes are late. Plan a schedule and post at least one episode every week.

If you avoid these three simple mistakes, you will be amazed at how fastly your audience regains its interest and becomes more attentive to your content. Take your podcasting to the next level, and enjoy the results!


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