14 Best Relationship Podcasts To Listen To

Looking for an alternative couple's therapy? We offer you a new way of getting regular advice on your relationship —relationship podcasts. For many couples, it can be intimidating to discuss relationship issues and find a way out of the relationship crisis that can arise at some point. It can be hard to figure out why things don’t go as planned or why you started feeling uncomfortable with your partner. In fact, you need to work on your relationships every day, not only during the crisis moments. Constantly keeping  your eye on your personal life helps avoid burnouts and enjoy your life with peace of mind. Suppose you don't have enough time to read psychological books or visit a relationship therapist regularly but want to keep your personal life smooth. In that case, relationship podcasts are what you need. And to prevent you from tons of guesswork on what's worth listening to, we've picked the 20 best relationship podcasts for you. Enjoy!

The Relationship School

The Relationship School helps couples, parents, teens, and partners of all ages have a healthier and stronger romantic relationship. It teaches the art of constructing a long-term relationship with small steps everyday. The podcasters believe that a successful relationship is key to achieve complete satisfaction from life.

Where Should We Begin?

Where Should We Begin is hosted by the New York Times bestselling author Esther Perel. Esther is a New York City-based therapist with over 35 years of experience. Besides, she is consulting for many Fortune 500 companies. In her podcasts, she anonymously reveals real couples' stories.

Modern love

Modern Love brings fresh love stories and deep conversations with the authors each Wednesday. The audio version of the New York Times' Modern Love column had great success in the journal for 16 years. Modern Love is hosted by the column's editor Daniel Jones, creator Milya Lee, and other relationship enthusiasts.

The Endless Honeymoon

The best relationship advice can be given by those who had a rich experience in maintaining a successful relationship over the years. In this regard, The Endless Honeymoon recorded by married couple Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher is one of a kind. The two comedian podcasters share their successful relationship advice and help the audience learn about their own relationship ups and downs.

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Though Anna Faris openly positions herself as unqualified for giving relationship advice, she finds another way to teach her audience about relationships. Each week, she discusses the life and career of famous actors, artists, musicians, etc., with her expert guests. Through a thorough examination of others' lives, Anna helps listeners get insights on navigating relationships.

Relationship Alive

Neil Sattin has rich experience in corporate life, which helps him thoroughly examine interpersonal relationships and everything that one needs to build a healthy environment. Besides podcasting, he works as a coach and got an education in Strategic Intervention at Robbins-Madanes Institute. Relationship Alive is a collection of advice from a top Source Point therapist.

Why don't you date me?

Why don't you date me? Tries to find the answer to the question of the century; why are pretty and funny girls perpetually single? The host Nicole Byer is a bright and charming lady who has been single for decades. Every week, she tries to figure out the reason for her loneliness by interviewing her friends, ex-flings, or comedians, discussing dating life.

Healing broken trust in your marriage after infidelity

Struggling because of a wrecked relationship after a betrayal is common for many families. If you're experiencing something alike at this moment, the podcast can help you heal and transform your marriage into a stronger bond. Brad, an affair recovery expert, and licensed marriage and family therapist, hosted the show. Together with his wife, they help hundreds of families to recover after painful situations.

Dear Sugars

Dear Sugars is a relationship podcast hosted by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. They target everyone who feels lonely and heartsick and covers all the questions people with relationship issues have. You can find a solution to your relationship problems here, no matter how deep they are. Besides, the hosts are ready to discuss listeners' questions through emails.

Committed with Jo Piazza

Jo Piazza is a relationship expert who shares her advice on constructing healthy relationships through different mediums. Jo is an author of international bestsellers like "Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win", "How to Be Married," etc. Her works are translated into 12 different languages and optioned for TV shows and movies.

Relationship Theory

The Relationship theory is advice from Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, who have been in a happy marriage for over 20 years. They share their personal experience and answer common marriage and relationship questions as a successful couple. If you wonder how to improve communication with your partner, how to date for a serious relationship, or manage money with your partner, this show is for you.

Savage Lovecast

Want personalized advice on your relationship questions from America's only advice columnist Dan Savage? You can call 206-302-2064 to leave a question for Dan, which he will address in the upcoming episodes. Besides relationship topics, Dan also discusses politics. So, if you're looking for relationship podcasts spiced up with some other topics as well, you might like the show.

I Do Podcast

That might sound contradicting, but the two hosts of I Do Podcastcontinue leading the list of the best relationship podcasts even after their divorce. Chase is the primary host of the podcast, and Sarah is the show's producer. They are both well-known relationship experts and teach how to commit to a happy relationship and parenting in their show.

Love Letters

Each episode of the Love Letters podcast discusses big love and relationship topics. So, anyone can find something here related to their personal life issues. The podcast has a conversational format, where columnist Meredith Goldstein shares some personal life stories, and the host Boston Globe gives her advice. We hope our list will help you heal from a complex relationship problem, strengthen the bonds between you and your loved one, or educate yourself on relationship topics.

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