Top 10 Self-Love Podcasts You Can't Miss

Have you ever felt like your inner world’s cracking into thousands of pieces, and there’s no one to pick you up? Having work issues, missing someone close, being stuck in a daily routine… Sooner or later all these can pile up into depression and disrespect towards yourself. Combine that with a global pandemic, and there you are, another human being in desperate need of someone to cheer them up. However, what matters the most is your determination and willingness to take a step towards self-love and self-caring. We, at Podcastle, have collected a genuinely inspiring list of the best self-love podcasts to help you overcome the days when you feel down.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

The Emmy award winning deep conversations between Oprah Winfrey and famous inspiring people aim to help listeners find and get acquainted with their best selves. On a deeper level, these podcasts help the listeners deal with the heavy emotional baggage they carry through various stages of their lives. Each episode will inspire you to become a better version of yourself and figure out the secret formulae to self-love.

The Science of Happiness

A podcast hosted by award-winning psychologist Dacher Keltner is an ideal option for science enthusiasts and those willing to find research-based explanations and marketing solutions to mental and self-development issues they might be experiencing. Created by PRX in cooperation with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, the podcast is scientific treasure for raising a more generous, kind and self-motivated generation. The titles of each episode speak for themselves, for instance, “How Gratitude Benefits Your Brain,” “The Case of Believing in Yourself,” “How to Not Take People for Granted,” etc.

Almost 30 hosted by Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik

Are you struggling in navigating through your twenties to thirties? Check the “Almost 30” podcast to explore the most authentic interviews about personal development, motivation, open-mindedness and more.

Do You F*****g Mind?

Another series of highly motivational podcasts about self-love hosted by Alexis Fernandez unveils the truth behind our behavior concerning relationship issues, self-love, mutual trust, etc. Everyone needs someone to shake them up and help them face reality. If empowerment is what you’re looking for, this podcast is a 100% must-listen.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

This one is a thought-provoking and award-winning podcast series for those looking for happiness in their daily routine. Sometimes too personal, sometimes too straightforward, this podcast helps its listeners develop healthy habits and feel inspired through the tough days. If you wonder whether this podcast is good for you, check out Gretchen Rubin’s interview with Oprah, where she reveals 8 simple rules of becoming a happier and kinder person.

Mary’s Cup of Tea Podcast: The Self-Love Podcast for Women

While all the previously listed podcasts taught self-love to both men and women, Mary Jelkovsky’s podcast is mainly for the female audience. Her realness and openness amaze. Streaming in the frame of the “Mary’s Cup of Tea” community, the podcast empowers women to be strong, independent and self-caring. Explore the depths of feminism, body positivity, self-worth and much more. Airing once a week, Mary Jelkovsky discusses the most sensitive and emotional aspects of being a woman. How to deal with your soul’s calling? How to reach spiritual success? Find the answers to these questions and even more with Mary.


On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Let wisdom go viral! That’s what makes Jay Shetty’s podcast so fascinating and insightful. Jay himself has gone through some challenging stages of rejection, oppression and devastation. After serving as a monk for three years, the author got rejected by nearly 40 companies. Thus, struggling with finding his real purpose in life, he established a platform for those with a similar story. Today, every Monday and Friday, Jay helps his audience experience the wisdom of becoming the person they always looked up to. Find the most uplifting talks with famous people on such topics as love, self, work and more.

Not Another Anxiety Show

Digging deeper into mental health issues, Kelli Walker interviews psychologists and doctors to give those in need some practical and working advice and tips to overcome their daily mental struggles. Kelli Walker, a former agoraphobe, does quite an impressive thing guiding her listeners through their anxiety adventures. As one might guess from the title, this podcast is not just another one giving obvious and inefficient tips. The purpose of the talks is to uncover the reality behind our anxieties and prove that not a single human being is perfect. To err is human!

The Chalene Show

A New York Times bestseller author Chalene Johnson definitely has a lot to share with the world. Being a fitness and health expert, Chalene knows how to present the issues you never knew you had in your life. Motivational and confidence-boosting talks will teach you how to effectively eliminate any toxic beliefs and negative thoughts concerning yourself and the society you live in. Another reason to check The Chalene Show podcast is the opportunity to find answers to some uncomfortable questions concerning your sexual life and the behavioural patterns of a healthy relationship.

Project Love Podcast hosted by Selina and Vicki

Selina and Vicki have created a unique platform of open and sincere talks, especially for those desperately looking for self-development tools and techniques. As the authors describe themselves, they are looking for spicy topics on life and love, discussing the reasons behind depression and misunderstanding in the relationship. Honesty, open-mindedness, and curiosity are what’s mostly expected from the guests.

The web is full of various platforms and resources, from body positivity to self-kindness and love. The podcasts listed today and much more yet to be discovered can help you overcome the obsessive and devastating thoughts about not blending in with the modern life standards. Break those misconceptions, be stubborn and curious! Loving yourself is the greatest gift that no one can take away from us. Give a listen to some of the best self-love podcasts from this compilation, and let us know which one you liked most.

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