Podcastle Steps Into Video Podcasting — the Feature is Live

The team at Podcastle is thrilled to announce the launch of the long-awaited video interview feature, allowing creators to record studio-quality videos directly from the web or iOS mobile app.

The addition of video functionality enables podcasters to broadly distribute and promote their content across a more robust and diversified set of channels. Using video to conduct interviews among hosts and guests also offers a deeper, more personal connection in remote environments.

Podcastle will allow paid users to record and download up to 20 hours of 4K video per month, while free users will be able to download up to 3 hours of 720p video monthly. All users will still have access to unlimited multitrack audio recording & editing, plus access to transcription services, AI-powered sound enhancement features, and a royalty-free music & sound effects library.

Podcastle’s interview capabilities now make remote interviews a breeze for new and experienced podcasters alike. With video podcasts gaining more popularity each day, we’re continuing to break down barriers and empower anyone to make their voice heard, without the need for complicated software or expensive equipment.

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