Podcastle Launches Hosting Hub, unlocking end-to-end podcast production & distribution

We at Podcastle are happy to announce the launch of our newest product, The Hosting Hub, an easy-to-use solution for content creators to publish their work across major platforms.

“The launch of The Hosting Hub means Podcastle users can now create, edit and publish their shows in a single platform, reducing complexity, cost and time spent on production," says Arto Yeristan, CEO & Founder of Podcastle. "The launch of publishing is a crucial step in our mission of democratizing access to broadcast storytelling through tools that simplify the creative process.”

Users will be able to create unlimited shows and publish episodes directly from Podcastle’s Audio Editor. An RSS feed will be created for each show, which can be submitted to podcasting networks like Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Podcasts.

Each show will also have a dedicated landing page on Podcastle.ai where anyone can listen to or download episodes.

The Hosting Hub is now available to all users.

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