Podcastle unveils Revoice – Generative AI for Audio Creation

We at Podcastle are happy to announce the official launch of Revoice–our newest and most eagerly-anticipated feature, and an exciting advance in generative AI technology.

Revoice gives Podcastle users the ability to create a digital copy of their own voice, which they can then use to produce audio content by simply typing into a text document. It’s the ultimate form of Text-to-Speech: combining that tool’s convenience and ease of use with the power and authenticity of the creator’s one-of-a-kind voice.

In keeping with Podcastle’s mission of democratizing access to broadcast storytelling through easy-to-use tools, Revoice was developed to help simplify audio production and make the creation process easier and less intimidating. It can save precious time in editing, while also enabling podcasters to essentially automate repetitive but important pieces of content creation, such as advertisement copy, episode intros, and voiceovers.

To get started, users will be asked to record themselves reading 70 distinct sentences, in addition to a legal disclaimer for safety and privacy protection, ensuring only the intended user’s voice will be recorded. Once completed, Podcastle’s AI-powered learning algorithm will get to work processing and generating a digital copy of the voice within 24 hours.

Revoice is currently available to Podcastle Pro users only.

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