Studio-quality recording from anywhere

Record audio. And video. Everything you need to create your podcast — all in one platform.
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Audio Recording

Hear the

  • Our industry-leading audio recording process allows you to record the perfect take every time
  • Record locally uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio for every guest
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Remote, yet personal

  • Get closer to your guests and create a deeper connection through video
  • Invite and record up to 10 guests, through the Chrome browser or iOS app
  • Seamlessly enhance and market your podcast with video interview recordings
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Editing & Enhancement

Record a polished, professional podcast every time

  • Record each guest with separate
 audio and video tracks
  • Edit and enhance each track separately
  • Remove any background noise or prolonged silences with just one click
  • No need to spend countless hours editing your recordings -- our editor makes it quick and easy to perfect your show
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Local Recording up to 4K

Podcastle records all interview participants locally, so you don’t fret about poor internet connection. Your studio-quality video files are automatically saved on our cloud database.

Stay flexible with multitrack

Enjoy the perks of multitrack recording and editing. Having separate video and audio tracks for each of your guests will ensure you get top notch content quality and flexibility in post-production.

Web-based with all the benefits of the cloud

  • Access files from anywhere with any device
  • Never worry about losing files with auto-save
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    Screen sharing

    Share and record your screen to make your video podcast, webinar, or tutorial video clean and engaging.

    Ready, set, shoot.