Podcastle Supercharges its AI Offerings with Magic Dust AI

We at Podcastle are pleased to announce the launch of Magic Dust AI, a generative AI tool that transforms low-quality audio recordings into studio-level sound. Building on the success of our existing Magic Dust tool, Magic Dust AI is 50x more powerful than its predecessor.

"At Podcastle, our mission is to democratize podcasting by providing a suite of collaborative tools that simplify the entire workflow for creators and teams. We strive to empower the future of podcasting, where anyone with a voice can bring their vision to life”, says Artavazd Yeritsyan, founder and CEO of Podcastle. "With our new Magic Dust AI feature, we're taking a huge step forward in making generative AI technology accessible to all kinds of content creators."

Magic Dust AI is truly a breakthrough in advanced audio editing. With one click, you can clean up your audio to remove background noise and echos, optimize dynamic range, and turn any spoken-word audio file into a professionally mastered studio-quality recording.

Magic Dust AI is now available for all Storyteller and Pro plan creators.

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