Podcastle Adds Filler Word Detection and New AI Transcription Features

The team at Podcastle is excited to announce the rollout of a bundle of new features that add to the utility, versatility, and inclusivity of our powerful editing and transcription product suite.

Podcastle is an all-in-one platform that enables podcasters and content creators at any stage in their journey to seamlessly produce, edit, and distribute studio-quality audio & video content with the help of AI technology. Our mission of empowering creators to bring their stories to life is taking a great step forward with the removal of additional technical barriers.

The three new features launching in the bundle are:

  • Filler word detection & removal. The AI-powered Audio Editor can now detect filler words and phrases like “ah”, “um”, “er”, “you know”, and more when transcribing audio. Those fillers words are automatically highlighted and can then be deleted, simultaneously removing them from the transcription and the audio file. The result is seamlessly cleaner and more professional content.
  • Automatic episode summaries. In addition to the full transcript, users can now get a transcript summary when exporting their audio file. This concise AI-generated synopsis of the audio works perfectly as a podcast episode description or SEO metadata.
  • Language expansion. No longer for English-speaking users only! Transcription is now able to detect and operate in four additional languages: French, Spanish, German, and Italian. With this update, Podcastle is continuing on its mission to democratize podcasting.

All three of these new features are now fully available to Podcastle Pro users, or on a limited trial basis for free users who are looking to take their post-production work to the next level.

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